May 7, 2020

Do You Exist in Photos? | Susan Blackburn Photography

Sadly, many moms do not exist in photos.

I say this as a photographer, but also as a Mom who does not exist in many of our family photos.

As Mothers, we have many excuses why we do not want to be photographed.  We want to lose a few pounds.  We aren’t wearing any makeup.  We don’t have any cute clothes.  We are just plain exhausted.  Or we are the ones taking the photos.  I will tell you that personally I find my kids a lot cuter than myself.  I freely admit that I would love to look younger, sexier and way more gorgeous than I do.  I do not exist in many of our family photos.

But wouldn’t it be nice if your kids had some pictures to look back on that include–YOU?  Pictures that show you were present in their lives?  Sure you are there every day, but in the thousands of photos in your phone or in your photo albums, where are you?

So what if. . . one day you took the time to get your hair and makeup done, you chose an outfit you love and you had some photos taken with your kids?  Would the world end?  Or 20 years from now would you be really glad you did that?  I know I kind of wish I had done that.

Here is my Mother’s Day Tribute to All the Moms.  Exist in Photos.

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