May 5, 2020

Use It Or Lose It | Blackburn Portrait Design

Use it or lose it–We’ve all heard this one before.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Peeps!  So this week I did a thing.  I did a dance class via video.

I have not done anything remotely resembling a dance class in probably ten years, if not more.  I have sort of gotten out of the habit of doing this kind of thing due to many factors.  I have gotten busy with work.  I discovered yoga, which I love.  There are lots of fun things I like to do that compete for time.  I started learning Italian and that consumes a big chunk of time.  Lots of excuses.

It was challenging, not going to lie.  I was constantly a beat or two behind.  Who knew counting to eight could be so hard?  I was having trouble with the choreography.  There was this weird, grinding, bone on bone feeling in my left ankle, which might be arthritis.  I even was going left when I should have been going right more times than I care to admit.  In a “real” class that would have been a major problem.  Not cool AT ALL.  But–I was at home, and no one could see me.  LOL.  And at least I did not fall, so there’s that.  But really, I did pretty much suck.

Guess what?  It felt really great.  Better than great–amazing.  I had forgotten how much I like the challenge of learning new choreography and moving my body through space to music.  Best part is that I was not sore after.  Maybe I am not totally hopeless after all?

So what does this all have to do with photography you might wonder?  It has served to remind me that:  A.  There is more to life than photography.  B.  It is good to try something even if you completely suck at it.  C.  You only get better at something if you practice it.  I always kind of knew this, but many times it takes a back burner to whatever other nonsense is going on in my life.

So moving forward, I will definitely be incorporating a dance class a couple of times a week.  After all, if you don’t use it, you lose it. . .or in this case, if your don’t move it, you lose it.

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Very cute !! I have a very good online dance based excercise class from a studio in NYC ! I’ll forward !

That is great! I would really appreciate that!