April 5, 2016

Jen and Joe’s Fern Lodge Elegant Elopement Photos | Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Fern Lodge Elegant Elopement Photos

An elegant elopement–is there anything more romantic? ┬áThere is a growing trend toward elegant Elopements in the past few years. An elegant elopement is actually one of my favorite events to photograph. I recently photographed an Elopement up at the Fern Lodge in Chestertown. It was a private, intimate affair and so sweet.

Adirondack Wedding Photographer
I always like to do a ring shot, and I really liked the groom’s ring.
The grounds at the Fern Lodge are really pretty, especially in the winter months.

I met up with Jen and Joe shortly before their ceremony at their room at the Fern Lodge. Just because you are eloping, it does not mean you can’t have all the fun things like flowers, a dress, etc. I like photographing the Bride and Groom getting ready because it is an exciting part of the day.

Fern Lodge Elopement Photos
We made sure to put Jen’s dress on a nice wooden hanger then suspended it from the ceiling fan. I wanted to be sure to feature the rustic walls which are a hallmark of the Fern Lodge.
Wedding Photos Susan Blackburn
Guys have details too.
Elopement Wedding Images
I like the framing aspect of this image of Joe getting ready.
Fern Lodge Wedding Photography
Jen had her hair and makeup professionally done.
Saratoga Wedding Photos
I just really, really love the lighting on this image. Jen looks so beautiful.
Wedding Photos Saratoga
I used selective focus to make the ring tack sharp. It is kind of a different twist on the typical ring shot.

Jen and Joe got married in the main room upstairs at the Lodge. The ceremony was performed by a local judge and was pretty quick. It is still important to get images from the ceremony for elopement couples. Adirondack Wedding Photos011

Saratoga Wedding Photographer
Some candid images from the ceremony are really important.
Adirondack Winter Wedding Photos
The kiss picture is a must have at any wedding, not matter how large or small. Sometimes the moment right before the kiss is really sweet.
Elegant Fern Lodge Elopement Photos
Again, I sometimes think the moment right before a kiss is really awesome.

winter-wedding-adirondack-fern-lodge-photoI like it when I can do some dramatic off camera lighting and this room with the fireplace was perfect. It just looks like a candid moment in front of the fire with champagne. Love the rug too.

Adirondack Winter Wedding Cake Photo
Jen and Joe had a small cake. The owls were chosen because the groom likes them–so cute!
Winter Wedding Photos Saratoga Springs
Jen was smart and planned ahead–she brought Bear Paw boots so she could be comfortable in the snow.
Winter Wedding Photos Adirondacks
We had not had much snow all winter, but we got lucky the day before and had a little snowfall.
It was not terribly cold that day, so Jen did not need to wear the coat she brought. I loved the leading lines in the background that kind of zigzag to point directly at Jen.
Elegant Fern Lodge Elopement Wedding Photos
We finished up with the most perfect spot imaginable. It looks too good to be true.

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