October 18, 2013

Emily and Mark’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos | Saratoga Photographer

In September I had the honor and pleasure of creating Emily and Mark’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos. It was a perfect September day–sunny, warm and dry. You may remember Emily and Mark from their Baseball themed Engagement Photography Session. Emily and Mark met playing softball, so of course they used Baseball as their wedding theme at the Franklin Plaza. So enjoy their story and photographs below!

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos015
The architecture of the Franklin Plaza is beautiful and makes a great backdrop to photograph against.

How did you know he/she was the one?

Em: For me, I knew Mark was the man I wanted to be with early on. There was just something about him that I can’t quite put into words. I found him so funny, and we could just be ourselves with each other. It came so easy. I had never felt that I could be myself around someone like I did with Mark from the very beginning. He stuck by me through my happy, crabby and goofy days, and that is when I knew I wasn’t letting him go anywhere. My sister Sara and my Aunt Erin told me a million times over how great of a man they thought Mark was and that I needed to marry him some day!

Mark: I knew I was going to marry Em when she said, “Of course!” All kidding aside, once I got to know Em and spend quality time with her and her family, I realized she was the one. Em does so many things for others and she was always there when I needed her. She is a selfless person and is always there. When we started finishing each other’s sentences and knew what the other was thinking, it was just a matter of time. We also share the same interests, albeit rooting for rival teams. I will always be there for Em, especially when she needs something off the top shelf!

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos002
Emily chose to get dressed with her bridesmaids at the Franklin Plaza.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos023
Emily’s sisters helped her into her dress.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos024

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos013
Emily looked stunning in her gown by Ella Rose.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos012

How did Mark propose? Did you see it coming?

Em: I had no clue Mark was going to propose to me! Mark likes to do things only when he is 10000% ready–I like to call it Mark time! So I thought it would be 7 more years! I felt so excited and nervous and so shocked! I couldn’t even comprehend what as going on–I was sweating and shaking! I was so incredibly happy and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone!

Mark: I went golfing with Em’s father one weekend and asked him for permission to propose to his daughter (full disclosure: I won the golf match). After that, I went ring shopping on my own and knew better than to ask her sisters. You can’t keep a secret with them. I decided to propose to Em at Fourth Lake in Lake Luzerne as we had been camping there many times. My original idea had been to pop the question on the beach there, but Em started a fire at our site before I could lure her down there. Instead, I proposed on our site by luring her away from the fire by having her come and check out this “huge bug.” She had no clue what was going on.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos001
The Franklin Plaza is really an old bank and has retained many of the original features.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos014
Loved the grey suit Mark wore.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos031
Some floral details.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos022
Em and Mark chose to do a First Look in front of the Franklin Plaza.

What is one thing you like most about each other.

Em: One of the things I like most about Mark is his hugs and the way he can put me at ease in most situations. If I am having the worst day or not feeling great about myself, a hug from him can put a smile on my face and make me feel important and so loved. I also love how goofy we are together and all the laughs we share every single day!

Mark: The one thing I love most about Em is her sense of family. She will do mostly anything for any one of them, myself included. When I see this, I know she will be a great mother to our kids.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos038

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos037

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos036

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos035

This was done as a cross processed photo.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos016
There is an alley way by the Franklin Plaza that is cool to photograph.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos017

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos003
Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Latham has some lovely details.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos025
A few pictures of the guys before the ceremony.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos027
I love the picture of Em and her Dad before the ceremony.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos030

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos028

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos029

How did you choose your venue? What did you do to make your event more personal? Were there any current wedding trends that you chose to incorporate?

The Franklin Plaza was the first place we looked. After that we saw two other places and neither of them came close to how beautiful the Franklin Plaza was. We really fell in love with the venue right away. We personalized our event in little ways with a Baseball theme. We wanted to incorporate baseball because that is how we met. Our cake topper, card box and seating chart were all baseball themed, a little touch of baseball, but not too much! A big wedding trend we incorporated was a photobooth. We originally were not going to have one, but my bridesmaids and mother gifted it to us as a shower gift. It was absolutely awesome and we are so glad we had it–it captured some really great memories that we can look back on for years to come.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos020
The old bank vault is a really great backdrop for wedding photos.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos019
The rooftop at sunset is also great.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos033
The ballroom was stunning.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos010
The lounge by the bar is always nice.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos007
Here is the seating chart–love it.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos006
Baseball themed wedding cake.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos009
Cocktail hour was well presented.

What is one thing about wedding planning that you wish you had known ahead of time? If you could do anything differently, what would it be?

We worked with individuals at the ceremony and reception venues who were great resources and guided us along the way. We also had friends who had recently gotten married and provided us with tips. The best thing we did was securing the location(s) and vendors very early on. We wouldn’t have done anything differently.

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Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos040
Love Mark’s entrance.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos041Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos044Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos043

What is next for the two of you as a couple?

REST–and a family at some point.

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos021
We ended the evening with some night shots.

Hope you have enjoyed Emily and Mark’s wedding photos from the Franklin Plaza in September. If you are interested in becoming a client, please fill in a contact form.

Susan Blackburn of Blackburn Portrait Design is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer offering Photography services in Saratoga Springs, Lake George, the Adirondack Region and destinations worldwide.

Vendors for Emily and Mark’s wedding:

Ceremony Location: Our Lady of the Assumption, Latham, NY

Reception Venue: Franklin Plaza, Troy, NY

Entertainment: Sound Advice (Bob Cooper)

Photo Booth: Complete Albany

Dress Designer: Ella Rosa

Dress Salon: Thoughts and Best Wishes

Cake: Villa Italia

Transportation: Premiere Limousine

Saratoga Wedding Photographer: Blackburn Portrait Design