October 22, 2013

Libby’s Baby Pictures | Saratoga Springs Newborn Photography | Blackburn Portrait Design

Today I was so blessed to photograph the newborn baby of one of my past brides with her great grandmother.  It is always so nice when my past wedding photography clients come back to me with their little ones–I love to meet their babies and play with them.  Newborn photography is so important because babies grow up so quickly.  They look different week by week, sometimes even day by day.  Before you know it, they are full fledged kids, not babies any longer.

Saratoga Springs Newborn Photography

Anyway, this is Libby with her great grandmother, who is named Elizabeth.  How nice for their family to have a picture like this–it is truly priceless.  I chose to use black and white because it is so timeless.  I love her wide open eyes–so cute.  Libby was wide awake and alert for most of her session, and we even got a few smiles.  I will blog this session more at a later date, but I just needed to put this one up because I love the fact that she is with her great grandmother.

We hope you have enjoyed this Saratoga Springs Newborn Photography.  If you wish to see more Saratoga Springs Newborn Photography, please visit our Baby Photography Portfolio.

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