November 29, 2018

Engagement Photos–Why You Need Them

Engagement Photos–Why You Need Them:

Did you know that the majority of couples become engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day?  And one of the first things they do is have professional Engagement Photos created.  As a professional photographer, I am a little biased when I say that Engagement Photos are a great idea.  I actually think they are as important as the wedding photos.  Hopefully after reading this post, you will think so too!

Winter Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY
I just love the horses, don’t you?

It Helps You Feel More Comfortable:  Unless you are a model, you have probably not been photographed by a professional photographer all that much.  Selfies and pictures by your friend with a “good camera” don’t count either!   Many people feel uncomfortable when being photographed and it can show in their body language and expressions.  It can also be uncomfortable to pose with your significant other in an intimate way.  Having an Engagement Photo session will help you get used to this so on your wedding day it is a bit more comfortable.

Loon Meadows Barn Engagement Photo
It was a cold day, but we sure had fun!

Document Your Relationship:  Wedding Photos can be a little one dimensional in that they are often photographed in formal attire in a formal setting.  Engagement Photos will allow you to wear some different clothing options and include props and even pets to personalize your images.  You can choose a location that is meaningful, or even do them in your home.  You can incorporate a favorite activity too!

Best Wedding Photographers Lake George NY

Quality Time as a Couple:  Planning a wedding can be super stressful.  An Engagement Photo Session can give you a chance to reconnect and do something fun together!

Saratoga Battlefield Engagement Photos
This was a playful moment in Sarah and Geoff’s Engagement Session.

Gorgeous Photos to Use Pre-Wedding:  You will have some really beautiful photos to use for Save the Dates, Shower Thank Yous, your wedding website and other social media.  You can also make a small keepsake album or a guest signing book for the wedding.  You might also like a larger portrait for your home or to give to parents.

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