October 26, 2019

Fabulous Fall Wedding | Janelle + Josh

This month I got to photograph a fabulous fall wedding at The Mansion for my clients, Janelle and Josh.

It had all the necessary ingredients for a fabulous fall wedding–clear, crisp weather, picturesque location, beautiful people, a meaningful ceremony, delicious food, and great music.  Below is a slide show of the day:

I am also including an explanation of why I took some of my favorite photos below:

Fabulous Fall Wedding Photos
Janelle was a lot of fun to work with, plus a dress like this is pretty sassy. So we ran with that.
Upstate NY Fall Wedding Photos
This location was by the side of the road. I liked the light coming through the trees. And the pose is just great.
Saratoga NY Fall Wedding Photos
Just add the groom!
NY Fall Wedding Photos
I like details that also showcase the people. I did a picture of just the shoes earlier in the day. But I like this better because you can see the person who wears the shoes.
Fall Barn Wedding Photo Saratoga NY
Another one of my favorite detail shots from the day–highlights the dress and the bouquet, but you can still see the bride.
Mansion Saratoga NY Wedding Photo
Candid/photojournalism–I like real expressions.
Saratoga NY Wedding Photo
Getting to the ceremony. This is kind of iconic for me–Bride on the way to the ceremony–but also highly personal.
Rustic Wedding Photo
Right before the ceremony started. Paying attention to the candid moments pays off.
Rustic Fall Barn Wedding Photo
When is a detail shot not really a detail shot?

As always, I was so luck to work with an amazing team of vendors for this wedding:

Venue:  The Mansion

Wedding Photography:  Susan Blackburn

Florist:  The Posie Peddler

Wedding Officiant:  Reverend Joy Burke

Entertainment:  Saratoga Sound

Dress:  David’s Bridal

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