September 25, 2018

How I Got the Shot | Saratoga Springs NY Photographer

One of my friends recently suggested that I do a post on the blog about how I got a certain shot and what the thought process was behind it.  I have never really thought about doing that before–mostly because I never thought it would be terribly interesting to anyone who wasn’t a photographer.  A lot of what I do has become almost second nature over the years of photographing people that to be honest I really just go out and shoot.  And it is not as if I have audio tape of my internal dialogue while I am working.  Now that would be scary.  LOL.

Wedding Barn at Lakota Barn Wedding Photo
Here it is–how I got the shot.

Soooo–it was a long day shooting a fashion editorial for Saratoga Bride out at the Wedding Barn at Lakota’s Farm.  This was the last dress from Lily Saratoga for this model.  I love this model and have worked with her before.  She has a very Old Hollywood Glam look that Angela Barnes and Carina Scott played up with the hair and makeup.  I also really love this room that Kimberly at the Wedding Barn created for the brides to get ready in.  The mirror is absolutely to die for and so is the chandelier.  So I knew I wanted to use pretty dramatic lighting with a dramatic pose. That definitely meant using off camera strobe.  Because it was a fashion editorial, I needed to keep detail in the dress.  I did not want to do the usual, boring straight on to the mirror shot.  I liked the curtain that was in front of one of the doors leading in to the room, with just a suggestion of the chandelier in the top left.  I also like the heart shape her body and the reflection make together.  The model has a killer profile, plus it just looks more “fashion” to have her head turned that way.

So there you have it.  Not exactly rocket science.  But it sure is fun.

Be sure to check out the video slide show from the shoot with all these fabulous wedding vendors.

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