October 5, 2018

Stylistically Speaking | What Are the Different Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

Somewhere along the path of planning a wedding, many couples decide they want/need a wedding photographer.  But that is sometimes all they “know.”  They look at a bunch of websites, become super confused and can sometimes make a choice that isn’t the right fit.  I think part of this is that while they may know what they like when they see it, but they often don’t know how to verbalize exactly what type of photography they like.  So let’s break down some of the different ways of photographing a wedding, different Wedding Photography Styles and how to verbalize what you like.

Wedding Photojournalism is a candid way of photographing a wedding as the day unfolds.  There is zero or minimal direction of the subjects.  A good photojournalist can recognize good light as well as anticipate special moments.  A good photojournalist is also very unobtrusive.  The goal is to blend in so well that the subjects do not know you are there so they can be totally themselves.

Destination Wedding Ceremony Photos Miami Beach
One of my all time favorite candid shots at a wedding ceremony in Miami on the beach.

Posed Formal Wedding Photos are really important to some people.  The photographer needs to know how to pose and light bodies of all shapes and sizes in a flattering way.  All brides are beautiful, but we all have our flaws.  Some people are not super comfortable in front of the camera.  If you knew a good photographer could make you look your very best with just a few simple directions, would you hire them?  I know I would.  LOL.

Upstate NY Fall Wedding Photo
A formal properly posed and lit portrait of the bride and groom does not have to look like a typical wedding image.

Natural Light vs. Strobe.  This can be tricky.  Personally, I hate the term “Available Light Photographer.”  Light is just photons we use to create an image on our camera sensor.  If I happen to use a strobe that is “available” in my camera bag, that is “available light.”  Natural light is light in the environment that is not supplemented in any other way.  I tend to use both on a wedding day because I like variety and also because certain situations require different techniques.

Downtown Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photo
Natural light on a street corner in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.
National Museum of Dance Wedding Portrait
Same wedding, I just used an off camera strobe triggered from my camera.

Macro Photography is sometimes used on the wedding day to capture the details.  I love using a macro lens for rings, flowers, etc.  If you really like detail shots, a macro lens is kind of a must.

Engagement Ring detail shot

Propsoal Photography Saratoga NY

There you have it–some stylistic terms to use when interviewing wedding photographers.  There is plenty more to talk about, but this is just a little something to spark the conversation.

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