November 1, 2013

Wedding Photojournalism Lake George | Portfolio Series

Wedding Photojournalism Lake George NY

I like to photograph weddings with a combination of posed, “asked for” images as well as more candid, photojournalistic style photographs.

Wedding Photojournalism has kind of been my personal jam since I started as a Professional Wedding Photographer

I like using both to tell the story of a wedding day. The percentage of posed vs. photojournalistic images really depends upon the couple and which style speaks more to them. Some people prefer a more traditional approach, while others like a candid feel to the storytelling. I don’t feel that there is a “right” or a “wrong.” It all boils down to individual taste. The images today are from Britta and Nate’s wedding day at the Inn at Erlowest on Lake George. Britta had expressed to me before the wedding how important family was to both her and Nate. She also let me know that casual, more candid images were really more their preference. While of course we did formal images of the Bride, Groom and their families and friends, I made sure we also did a lot of candid or photojournalistic style images.

Wedding Photojournalism Lake George
Britta and her grandfather
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The series of black and white images above are from the family formal portrait session. Britta has only one surviving grandparent left–her grandfather.

His wife had died only a few months prior and he was still very emotional. It was very important to capture this moment and I am glad I did. I can only imagine how he felt. Although he was of course very  happy for Britta, I am sure he was thinking of his own wedding day many years ago and the wife he had recently lost. Feel free to browse our Wedding Galleries.

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