January 20, 2016

Oh Boy(s) | Samuel and Soren’s Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photo Session with Twins Samuel and Soren

Saratoga Newborn Twins Photos
Sleeping babies are so angelic.

Last week, I got to photograph these little newborn nuggets–Samuel and Soren.  They were so sweet and perfect.  And they slept almost the entire time for me, which was totally awesome!  I just love the way newborn babies look when they are asleep–so peaceful.

Their Mom, Lori, carried them full term, so they weighed in at approximately six pounds each–quite impressive for twins!  I love their names–Lori chose Samuel and their Dad, Jason, chose Soren.  They are fraternal, so they do not look much alike.  They have a big brother named Charlie, who is great with them.  Lori was lucky because her Mom, Joyce, was able to stay with them and take over at night.

Newborn Twin Photos
I just love the way they are posing for this one.

They slept so well, that we were able to pose them in this chrome box.  I wanted to do an airplane/travel theme–almost like they were a special delivery.  Both Lori and Joyce were spotting them, which is really important because of the newborn startle reflex.  Can’t have any babies jumping out of the box and landing on their heads:)  Also, I think with boys, you should use more masculine colors and props, so it was a bonus that the walls were painted a lovely grey to compliment the chrome and black.

Welcome to the World, Samuel and Soren–and thanks for being such awesome sleepers!

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