January 30, 2014

Portfolio Series | Newborn Photography Saratoga Springs

Newborn Photography Saratoga Springs
I love doing Newborn Photography in Black and White. It is so timeless and intimate.

These two images are from a Newborn Photography Session I recently photographed. When I am photographing newborn babies, I like to capture them when they are sleeping and looking peaceful. I also like it when I can in some way incorporate one or both of the parents to give an idea of how very tiny these newborns are. The size of the little tiny feet in the mother’s hands is just so evocative. Although I do photograph newborn babies with some props/outfits/accessories because it is cute and the moms like it, I personally am more drawn to pictures of them without all the “stuff.” I like them to be basic, if that makes any sense. Because that is how they enter the world–in the most basic human form. I think they are perfect just the way they are–why gild the lily, so to speak? I also tend to like these in very new people to be depicted in black and white for several reasons. First, I just love black and white photography and think it is classic. It helps focus the attention on the subject. Second, I really like the creaminess of the skin in the pictures. It just looks nice.

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