January 26, 2014

Best of Wedding Ceremonies | Wedding Photographer | Saratoga Springs

Best of Wedding Ceremonies | Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Saratoga Springs NY
The beautiful vintage car was provided by the State Room in Albany, NY.

As a Wedding Photographer, I strongly believe that the most important part of the wedding day is the ceremony.  After all, that is the entire reason for the day!  It is a ceremony that celebrates the commitment two people make in joining their lives together.  And as a Wedding Photographer, I approach this portion of the day in a somewhat serious frame of mind.  I know that it is the one part of the day that cannot really be re-created, so it needs to be right the first time.  Many times some of my favorite wedding photographs are of the ceremony.  So below are some of my favorite Wedding Ceremony photographs.

Saratoga Wedding Photos 07
Signing the Kettubah is very important and meaningful.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos025
Guys before the ceremony, just being guys.
Saratoga Springs Wedding Photos
Apprehension, excitement and joy before walking down the aisle. I like to photograph in series to better tell the story.
Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos029
The kiss is always an important moment.
It is important to shoot in series so you tell the entire story.
Longfellows Wedding Photos 010
Sometimes the details can be very eloquent.
Birch Hill Wedding Photos024
Photos of the Getaway can be really fun.

We hope you have enjoyed these ceremony images by Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer Susan Blackburn.  If you would like to read more posts on being a Wedding Photographer in Saratoga, you might like to read this Wedding Photography Blog Post.  If you are interested in hiring a Saratoga Wedding Photographer, please call 518.584.4237 to schedule a consultation.