January 16, 2014

Pretty in Pink | An Adorable Newborn Baby Photo Session

Welcome to the World Baby Natalie!

Newborn Photography is so fun! Newborn babies are so sweet and innocent. They look especially peaceful and angelic when they are sleeping. I love it when new moms share their precious little people with me. I recently got to photograph Kayla’s newborn baby Natalie–what a little doll! Kayla works at Bridal Galleryby Yvonne in Latham and attended FIT, so Natalie has some pretty cool accessories that we played with. She is quite the little fashionista. Below is a little bit about my model and her family.

Kayla, How did you feel when you found out you were expecting?

When we found out we were having a baby, I knew already I wanted a girl more than anything! I had said I always wanted to wait till birth to find out but 40 weeks seemed like FOREVER!

Saratoga Newborn Photographer 10

Saratoga Newborn Photographer 09
A girl can never have too many frilly things.

Were you excited when you found out you were expecting a little girl?

When we found out we were having a girl I cried my eyes out! For the next 20 weeks I went around picking out the frilly girly clothes and accessories.

Saratoga Newborn Photographer 01
I love to photograph mommies and their babies.
Saratoga Newborn Photographer 06
There is something so intimate about black and white photography and babies.

Saratoga Newborn Baby Black and White Photos

How did you decide on the name Natalie?

We toyed with a few names – Brooklyn as our top choice, along with Savannah, Chloe and Kennedy. When she arrived, within 5 minutes her daddy was already asking what her name should be. After some time and settling in, we sat together and looked at her throwing names around. I had mentioned that I loved the name Natalie months prior with no response either way from dad. As we were sitting in the hospital room with the few minutes we had in between visitors her daddy said “what about Natalie?” I knew right then that was her name.

Saratoga Newborn Photographer 08
Tiny baby toes

What is next for you as a family?

Next step for our family is a wedding. It will be a special experience to have our daughter as a part of our wedding. Certainly isn’t traditional but also something most parents don’t get to experience. After that.. More babies!

Saratoga Newborn Photographer
These are my two favorite images from the session. She looks like she is still in utero. Precious.

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