January 22, 2014

Saratoga Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Tracie Daus of Danielle’s Bridal Boutique

Saratoga Wedding Photos 07
The lovely Tracie at her shop in Saratoga.

Saratoga Wedding Vendor

One of the great things about my job as a photographer is that I get to meet some really nice people in the Wedding Industry. One of them is Tracie Daus, the owner of Danielle’s Bridal Boutique in Saratoga. The store has just moved to a new location just past the Wilton Mall. I recently went in and photographed the store (and Tracie). Here is her story on how she ended up owning and operating a bridal salon in Saratoga.

Saratoga Wedding Vendor Photos
I stopped by on a wintry day to photograph Tracie and the shop.

How did you end up owning Danielle’s Bridal Boutique in Saratoga? I took all business courses through high school and focused on either owning my own pet shop or a bridal boutique. When I moved here I answered an ad in the paper for Danielle’s Bridal and it was golden.

Saratoga Wedding Photos
The accessories are often what makes the look.

What was your first day on the job like? I remember my first day of work, I cleaned at least 150 pairs of tuxedo shoes…nasty work that is. I worked for Danielle for 6 or 7 years.

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Saratoga Wedding Photos tux
The store carries a wide range of men’s formal attire.

What happened next? Then I interviewed for a tuxedo shop that was coming to town just to get information on when they planned on opening. When they offered me the┬áposition as Manager I was shocked, because I really just went in to get information for Danielle. They offered me more that Danielle could pay me, as well as health insurance (which is something that I needed desperately– I had a 2 year old son at that point). So I went on to work for Schapiro’s Formalwear. I went on to open 3 other locations in the area, becoming the district manager. I did this for another 7 years.

Saratoga Wedding Photos 03
There is a wide selection of Prom and Bridesmaids dresses in addition to the bridal gowns.

Saratoga Wedding Photos 09

How did you decide to purchase the store? When Mr. Schapiro decided to sell his company, I started to interview for a position as an on the road sales person with the new company (Jim’s Formalwear). I really didn’t want to go on the road, because at this point I now had two children. I didn’t want to be away from them as much as an on the road sales person needed to be. So when I heard that Danielle decided to sell Danielle’s it just clicked that this is something I have always done. I also really enjoy this business and the people that I meet. I got together with Danielle and we worked it out so that I could buy it from her. It truly is my passion, and I love everyone that I work for and with. I am looking forward to featuring more of the great Saratoga Wedding Vendors that I get to work with when photographing weddings.

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