April 8, 2019

Just Hire a Professional | Saratoga Headshots

Saratoga Headshots

I get asked all the time why people should hire a Professional Photographer for their Corporate Headshots.

Consider this:  We live in a very visual world nowadays.  Most marketers know that high quality photos, graphics and videos lead to more conversions.  In our personal lives, social media profiles are filled with photos and videos.  So doesn’t it make sense to go the extra mile with your professional image?  To visually demonstrate this, I had my friend Anne come over and we played around with different scenarios for headshots ranging from the ubiquitous “selfie” to a professionally lit portrait.  I think you will find the results pretty compelling.

Ahhh–the Selfie. Arm extended and looking awkward. Does this look like a person you would want to hire in a professional capacity?  I love Anne, but this does her no justice.
Scenario 2–My friend has a great camera. Too bad they don’t understand lighting.
My Friend Has a Great Camera Part 2–The Pop Up Flash on Camera. This illustrates not only bad lighting, but also no posing.  Anne is a good looking woman, but this is just not flattering.  I know I can make her look stunning.
Saratoga Headshots Executive Portraits
This is a professional portrait. It includes directional lighting to create dimension and flattering posing.
Executive Portrait Saratoga Springs NY
And another.

So tell me, which photo(s) look like someone you would want to hire?  I know which ones I prefer.

Are you ready to take the next step and get your headshots done professionally?  I would love to make you look great for your business profile shot.  Give me a call at (518) 584.4237.

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Susan Blackburn photographs Saratoga Headshots both in studio and on location.  Update your headshot today to present potential clients and employers the best version of yourself.