April 3, 2019

Details Matter | Saratoga Professional Photography

Details Matter.

I saw this meme on social media last week, and it has become stuck in my head.  Details matter in all areas of life, but especially in my line of work–Professional Photography.

Details Matter

Whether I am photographing a wedding, a high school senior, or a growing family, details are so important.

Wedding Ring Photo Saratoga
Wedding rings are one of the many details I get to photograph for the bride and groom.

There are wedding details that need to be documented beautifully.  Many times a bride and/or groom have spent a year of their life planning a wedding.  The day goes by so very quickly.  Frequently they do not even see many of the things they have lovingly put their time, effort and money into until they see their wedding photos.

CT Wedding Party Photo
Did you know that it is advisable to schedule in at least 20 minutes for just Bridal Party photos?

Speaking of weddings, we need to work on the details of the Timeline for the Wedding day so we have enough time to document everything in a short amount of time.  Failure to work out a reasonable Timeline can really impact what we deliver to our clients–in terms of final product and their overall experience.

Mansion Inn Wedding Detail Photo
On a wedding day, it is easy for a Bride and Groom to not even see details like this–which is why we make a point of photographing them.
Fall Wedding Upstate NY Photo
Our Wedding Day Timeline had us scheduled to do all the formal images prior to the ceremony because that was the best time for the bride and groom.

Portrait Sessions involve the details of planning the location and wardrobe selection.  Failing to pay attention to details for a portrait photography session can lead to very dull and uninspiring photos–what a waste!

Hiring a Senior Portrait Photographer
Ben is a musician, so we included one of his guitars in his session. Details such as this make a big difference.
Saratoga Dance Photography
From a recent shoot at Yaddo. Time of day for location work is a major detail.
Schuylerville Senior Portraits
Clothing in any portrait session can make or break the final image.

The details always matter.  Always.

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Susan Blackburn is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer living and working in Saratoga, NY.  She also services clients out of the area.