November 28, 2022

Rustic Rainy Day Wedding Photos | Saratoga NY Wedding Photos

Hannah and Doug’s Rustic Rainy Day Wedding

Every Bride dreams of fabulous, sunny weather on their Wedding Day.  But….What can I say?  A little rain can’t stop us!  Hannah and Doug recently got married on a bit of a rainy day this past Summer at the Mansion in Rock City Falls.  Because the Mansion is so lovely and because I have a lot of experience photographing Weddings, inclement weather is not a big deal.  We can combine creative locations with many different lighting techniques to create such fabulous images that miss the sun at all.  Below is a slideshow from Hannah and Doug’s Wedding Day:

A Beautiful Wedding Venue = Beautiful Wedding Photos

In Wedding Photography, giving the Bride and Groom variety in their Wedding Photos is important.  One of the many great things about the Mansion is that even if it is a rainy Wedding day, there are still plenty of opportunities to get wonderful Wedding Photos.  Between the Barn and the actual Mansion, the opportunities for stunning photos are endless.  Being able to use both ambient light and off camera flash has really been great when confronted with challenging situations while photographing Weddings.  I have pulled out a few of my favorite images to show how we can work with different locations in a challenging rainy situation.

Rustic Rainy Day Wedding Photos:

We generally start the Wedding with the Bride getting ready.  The Mansion has some great areas with natural light to photograph this portion of the day.

Canfield Casino Wedding Photographers
The Bridal Suite/Salon area is great for getting ready.
Rustic Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Just a simple Bridal Portrait with a window and natural light.

A Word about Off Camera Strobe:

I love being able to use off camera strobe for a different look.  And when you cannot go outdoors, it can really give you some interesting images at a Wedding.  I enjoyed creating a few more Editorial/Fashion style images at this wedding.

Victorian Mansion Wedding Photo Saratoga NY
The Red Music Room is a great location for portraits–it is very dramatic.  Off camera flash was key that day.
Rustic Wedding Rainy Day Photos
I wanted to make sure we had a matching photo of Hannah in the same location.

Ambient Light in the Barn:

Rustic Chic Barn Wedding Photo
The Ceremony was moved indoors into the Barn due to weather. But really it was perfect. LOVE the circle made with rose petals.

Because of the rain, we were not able to use the gardens and the pond for any outdoor photos.  But it was still important to capture something with an outdoor feeling.  The Barn was a natural choice for this.

Rainy Day Rustic Wedding Photos
We were able to use the doorway of the Barn for some portraits.
Saratoga Photography Studio
Oh hey, more rain. LOL. The overhang of the Barn allowed us to get an outdoor feeling without getting wet.
Rustic Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Same location, I just moved myself. Variety is key, so moving around can be really important.

Wedding Photos in the Foyer:

We finished up with some images in the stunning foyer of the Mansion.  I wanted more of a natural feel but still needed a little strobe to  light the couple.  No problem–knowing my exposure settings and modifying the light gave us some great images.

Rustic Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Again, variety is key in Wedding Photography.
Saratoga Victorian Mansion Wedding
A favorite indoor location is the foyer at the Mansion.

As you can see, a little rain is not a problem.  Sometimes it actually causes you to think outside of the box.  In any case, you cannot control the weather, so you may as well roll with it.

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Wedding Vendors for Hannah and Doug’s Rustic Rainy Day Wedding:

Venue:  The Mansion Inn

Wedding Photography:  Blackburn Portrait Design

Florals:  The Posie Peddler

Entertainment:  Saratoga Sound

Officiant:  Chaplain Claudia Meyers


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