November 20, 2022

Jordan & Gage’s Wedding at the Park Theater Glens Falls

Fabulous Fall Wedding at the Park Theater Glens Falls

We recently got to work at a new venue in Glens Falls–The Park Theater.  I was really excited when our couple Jordan and Gage booked this event with us because I really wanted to see the venue and work there!  It did not disappoint.

Here is a short video of some favorite photos from the Wedding Day:

Glens Falls Is Perfect For a Wedding!

I personally love the City of Glens Falls–the architecture is really pretty and has a turn of the Century kind of vibe.  It is a great alternative to Lake George if a couple is looking for a more urban vibe for their Upstate NY wedding.  If you are planning a wedding in Upstate NY but don’t want to do a Barn or a Lake, be sure to check this place out.

I don’t believe in posting an entire gallery in a Blog Post–Below are just a few favorites from the slide show with a little narrative.

Highlights of the Bride Getting Ready:

The Getting Ready part of any Wedding Day is always transformational.  There is just something about a Bride putting her dress on that causes a shift in the day.  I usually start photographing details when I arrive to give people a chance to get used to me being in their space.

Wedding in Glens Falls Photo
The colors and textures at this Fall Wedding were really lovely.

Upstate NY Fall Wedding Photos

Lake George Wedding Photos
Dressing the Bride is always a transformational moment at any wedding.
Upstate NY Wedding Photographers
How stunning is Jordan–her hair is amazing!
Glens Falls Wedding Photographers
I love a light filled room for the getting ready portion of any wedding day.
Wedding at the Park Theater Glens Falls
The architecture of the building where the girls got ready was very nice. I also loved the tinsel Peace sign above the door.

Wedding Photography Glens Falls NY

Glens Falls Wedding Photos
I loved how beautifully the color of these Bridesmaids dresses photographed!

The Groom at the Park Theater in Glens Falls

My Second Photographer, Jim, captured the guys arriving and getting ready for the ceremony at the Park Theater in Glens Falls while I was with the ladies.  I like having a Second Photographer to do this so we do not have to rush the Bride at all.

NY Wedding Photographers
Jim captured this fun photo of the guys arriving.
Park Theater Glens Falls Wedding Photos
These guys were so fun to work with.
Upstate NY Wedding Photos
Grooms have details too, and it is important to capture them.
Wedding Photos Glens Falls NY
Gage’s shirt, suspenders and bow tie were just great on him.
Lake George Wedding Photos
A more formal photo of the guys.
Wedding Photographers Glens Falls NY
This little guy was so cute.

Wedding Photojournalists in Glens Falls NY

The Wedding Ceremony at the Park Theater in Glens Falls

The Wedding Ceremony was in front of the Park Theater stage.  I liked that my Second Photographer Jim was able to go up into the balcony to shoot down while I was on the floor–one of the many advantages of having that second person there!

Park Theater Glens Falls Wedding Ceremony Photo
Jordan had her Dad and Grandfather walk her down the aisle.
Glens Falls Wedding Ceremony Photos
Awesome shot by Jim.
Glens Falls Weddings
Overall room shot from the balcony….
Upstate NY Glens Falls Wedding
Same moment from a different angle.
Park Theater Wedding Glens Falls NY
The Recessional–Jim on one side….
Upstate Glens Falls Wedding Photographers
Me on the other side.

Formal Portraits

After the Ceremony, we went out back on the terrace of the Park Theater to do portraits of the family as well as the Bridal Party and the Couple.  This is the portion of the day that can be super stressful if you do not have a plan.  Luckily, we were able to accomplish all of the groups, plus the portraits of the Bride and Groom in a timely manner.   Having a list of the family groups definitely facilitates this.

Park theater Wedding Photos Glens Falls NY
We were lucky that the venue had a nice area for formal groups that had open shade.
Glens Falls Wedding Photographers
We even had time to do some photos that were a little more fun of the Bridal Party.
Park Theater Wedding in Glens Falls NY
The evergreen hedges were great for providing open shade and a nice backdrop.
Glens Falls Wedding Photographers
The venue has a really beautiful staircase that leads down to a Speakeasy/Restaurant where the guests had cocktails.

Reception Details at the Park Theater

Total Events provided the rentals for Jordan and Gage’s Wedding at the Park Theater.  The decor was rustic and relaxed.  Gage’s mom made the cake per his request.

Wedding at the Park Theater in Glens Falls NY

Wedding Reception Park Theater Glens Falls NY
How cute are the centerpieces.

Wedding Reception Park Theater Glens Falls NY

Park Theater Wedding Reception Highlights:

The Wedding Reception is mostly candid photography–it is when the Couple and their guests typically let down their hair and have fun.  Except for the intro/first dance/toast, I personally like to be pretty unobtrusive.

Wedding Reception Park Theater Glens Falls
The introduction is always fun.
Upstate NY Wedding Photographers
I try to stay as unobtrusive as possible when photographing the First Dance. It should really be about the couple, not the photographers
Wedding Reception Photos Glens Falls NY
The toasts are always fun o photograph.

Park Theater Wedding Reception Photo

Candid Wedding Reception Photos Glens Falls NY
Love the dancing portion of the night.

Glens Falls Wedding reception

Wedding Reception Candid Dancing Photos

Wedding at the Park Theater in Glens Falls NY
Final shot of the fabulous ceiling at the Park Theater–so unique.

Congrats to Jordan and Gage!

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Wedding Vendors for Jordan and Gage’s Wedding at the Park Theater:

Wedding Photography:  Susan Blackburn

Venue:  The Park Theater Glens Falls

Rentals:  Total Events

Bride’s Dress:  David’s Bridal

Florals:  Etsy