September 5, 2013

Saratoga Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Black and White Photography

Black and White photography is very special to me. When I was first learning photography in college, that is what we used–Kodak Plus X or Tri X black and white film in a black and white darkroom. With digital photography, we tend to shoot color and convert

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to black and white in post production. I like black and white because it is classic, but also seems very contemporary and modern. That is why I think it is so nice for High School Senior Portraits.

The following portraits were created this year for High School Seniors, Class of 2014. Many times, people do not think of black and white for Senior Portraits, but I love it. If you would like to see more of this year’s Senior Portraits, please click here.

Shenendahowa High School Portraits 01
Kyle chose to bring his hockey jersey in for some images.
Saratoga Senior Photos 04
Jake is an accomplished musician, so it was entirely appropriate to photograph him here. The black and white tones make it seem vintage.
Saratoga Senior Portraits 09
I love the jeans jacket against the distressed brick.
Saratoga High School Senior Portraits 001
Carly has great eyes and a gentle personality.
Adirondack Senior Portraits 01
I love all the grey tones and textures in this black and white image of Casey in Downtown Saratoga.

Hope you have enjoyed the Senior Portraits here created by Saratoga Springs Photographer Susan Blackburn. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can click here to fill in a contact form. Or call 518.584.4237 for an appointment.