January 25, 2014

Let It Snow, Let It Snow | Saratoga Photographer

Saratoga Photographer 01
The creek near my house looks amazing when we have snow like this.

So I did a post this summer titled Sometimes It’s Just All About Me. Working as a Saratoga Photographer, I sometimes want to document the beauty of the landscape around here. We are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas of country. Saratoga Springs is a beautiful and unique place to live and work. We are almost in the Adirondacks so we can drive to see some spectacular views, especially in the Fall when the foliage is at it’s peak. We are an hour away from Lake George, arguably the most beautiful, pristine lake in the country. We have farms and horses around. We still have lots of areas that are undeveloped (although that is changing). The City of Saratoga Springs is very quaint and charming, but has some more modern buildings and businesses as well.

Anyway, the photo above is from a few weeks ago when we had a lot of snow. The day after the storm, I was driving around and happened to have my camera in the car. I have driven past this spot in winter many times and have never had my camera with me in the car. I was glad I did on this particular day, because the snow on the trees looked really magical–almost like a movie or a fairy tale. I am not a landscape photographer by any means–at least not like Eliot Porter. But sometimes I just really want to capture something really pretty like this. Mostly this photography blog is about the work I do for my clients, but sometimes it is really just all about me. I think I need to make sure I have the camera in the car more often when I am doing errands.