December 4, 2023

Adirondack Winter Weddings: Tips and Style Ideas | Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Adirondack Winter Weddings:  Tips and Style Ideas | Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Adirondack Winter Wedding Photos
The Adirondacks in the Winter make a spectacular backdrop for Wedding Photos

Adirondack Winter Weddings Are Beautiful

Adirondack Winter Weddings are becoming more popular lately.  Winter Weddings in the Adirondack Region of New York are very romantic and naturally lend themselves to great Wedding Photos.  But planning for a Winter Wedding in the Adirondacks adds a few challenges that normal weddings do not present.

Whether you are planning a large event or are simply eloping, below are some hints and style ideas for planning an Adirondack Winter Wedding.

Fern Lodge Winter Wedding Photo 03

Winter Sunset Times are Earlier

1.  Plan for an earlier sunset.  In the Winter with Daylight Savings Time, the sun will set pretty early.  The best light for portraits is often during the “Golden Hour,” or the hour before the sun actually sets.  In the Winter, the sun is generally lower in the sky as it is, so make sure you schedule your photo time appropriately.  We suggest you plan for your ceremony to take place before 2 PM.  That way, you can do some images indoors with family and friends, then move outdoors for some great photos.

  Adirondack Winter Wedding 21

Winter Weddings Have Unpredictable Weather

2.  Plan for unpredictable weather.  Bad weather can complicate your travel plans, so make sure you leave extra time in case there is snow or icy road conditions.  Even better, consider having your ceremony at the same venue as the reception so you do not need to travel more than is absolutely necessary.

Fern Lodge Winter Wedding Photo 02
Reverend Joy Burke performing a wedding ceremony at the Fern Lodge.

Winter Wedding Attire

3.  Plan for unpredictable weather in terms of your attire as well.  It can get really cold in the Adirondack Region.  We recommend that if you are planning for outdoor photos that the bride invest in a pair of warm, waterproof boots–they can still be super cute.  A fur stole (real or faux) is also a great investment.  Gloves or mittens and a beautiful pashmina are also wonderful items to have on hand.  We have even had brides with big poofy dresses wear thermal underwear or sweats underneath their dresses.  It is a great idea to have a nice umbrella or two on hand in case snow turns to sleet or freezing rain.  A cute idea would be to have a thermos of hot chocolate or eggnog for a few photos.

Winter Wedding Photos Fern Lodge 08
These boots were warm, dry and looked great as well.
Winter Wedding Photos Fern Lodge 01
These cable knit, fingerless gloves were made of mohair and were both warm and stylish.
Winter Wedding Photos Fern Lodge 02
The soft white fur cape was a great investment and kept our bride toasty on a cold and windy day.
Adirondack Winter Wedding 26
Likewise, this white wool coat worked well over the wedding dress for this bride.

Adirondack Winter Wedding Locations

4.  Wedding location ideas:  The intimate warmth of a rustic lodge or an historic Bed and Breakfast with a roaring fire in a beautiful fireplace can add great ambiance to your Wedding Photos.  While outdoor Winter Wedding Photos are really beautiful, make sure you choose a location that has some areas indoors for photos in case the weather does not cooperate.  Many hotels have extravagant decorations during the Holiday season that look fabulous in pictures–at no extra cost to you.  A sleigh ride can be very romantic and provide great photos.

Fern Lodge Winter Wedding Photo 01
We were able to photograph by the fire at the Fern Lodge.
Winter Wedding Photos Fern Lodge 06
Likewise the outside of the building worked well for pictures.
Adirondack Winter Wedding 13
How much more romantic can you get?

Adirondack Themed Wedding Decor

5.  Don’t forget to incorporate the Adirondacks in your décor–pine cones, birch trees, snowflakes and crystals can help bring the outdoors inside.  Gigantic white mums can look almost like snowflakes.

Adirondack Winter Wedding 17
The bride and groom were going to take a sleigh ride, so the topper was very appropriate.
Winter Adirondack Wedding Photos
Be sure to choose Winter hardy Wedding florals.

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