November 26, 2023

The Best Getting Ready Photos at Home | Our Favorite Tips

How Do You Get The Best Getting Ready at Home Wedding Photos?

Best Getting Ready at Home Wedding Photos
Welcome Home. Getting ready at your house can be very special.

Getting ready at home for your wedding can be very special.  However, it can also be a little stressful.  While home can be a sentimental place, it can be challenging to have your bridal party there all getting ready at the same time.  So how do you get the best getting ready at home photos for your wedding?  See some of our favorite tips below:

Objectively Look At Your Getting Ready Space

Best Getting Ready at Home Photos
If you have a larger Bridal Party, a hotel might be a better option.

The first step to the best getting ready at home wedding photos is to realistically evaluate the space at your home.  The number of Bridal Party members you want to get ready with you will have a huge impact on how much space you will need to get ready with a minimum of stress.  Ideally, you want enough space for everyone to get dressed and do their hair/makeup without being on top of each other.  Having a separate space for the Bride would also be ideal.  If you have a small space and a large Bridal party, a hotel might be better.  Or pare down the number of people with you when you are getting ready.  In fact, sometimes a large living room might be a better area than a small bedroom.

Do You Have Good Natural Light?

Saratoga Wedding Photographers
Great natural light goes a long way in allowing us to capture natural expressions while the Wedding Party gets ready.

While any Professional Wedding Photographer should be comfortable using strobe in any situation, I have found that being unobtrusive during the Getting Ready portion of the day is really best.  Many times if we use strobe at this time, it can make people a little self conscious.  Having good natural light lets us move about quickly and quietly without disturbing the flow of the day.

Designate An Area Ahead Of Time For Hair And Makeup

Best Getting Ready at Home Photos
Have a dedicated space for your Hair and Makeup–it will make it easier for everyone!

Your Bridal Party and/or Stylists will really appreciate having a dedicated spot to set up to do their Hair and Makeup.  Plus, it will prevent any accidents with products and attire.

Keep Food and Drinks In The Kitchen

Best Saratoga Wedding photographers
Keep food and beverages away from the dresses!

Food and beverages are a good idea to have when everyone is getting ready.  But they need to be far from the dresses and suits.  Keeping everything in the kitchen is a great idea if you don’t want any mishaps.

Plan Ahead For Any Formal Portraits

Best Getting Ready at Home Photos
We don’t need a lot of room for portraits. We do need a clean space and good light.
Best Getting Ready at Home Photos Saratoga NY Weddings
Same spot. Love the way this looks. This was just a corner of a bedroom with good light. Works every time.

Think about where you would like to do a few formal Bridal Portraits, Family Portraits and a few Bridal Party shots.  Then make sure the area is relatively clean.  If you want your Photographer to work quickly and efficiently, you cannot expect them to be picking up your house or vacuuming.  Seriously–this has happened to me.  It is never a good thing in terms of timing.

There you have it–some of our favorite tips for the best getting ready at home photos for your wedding.  If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy Seven Tips and Tricks for Getting Ready Photos.

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Wonderful tips and photos on how to make getting ready for your wedding at home happen! It seems you made stressful easy for this lucky bride! Beautiful photos!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Andrea. Anything we can do to provide a stress free wedding day is huge.

I love that you were able to utilize any venue – including a client’s home – to capture such special moments! Amazing work, Susan!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Asheigh! Many Wedding Photography clients want to get ready at home but are afraid the photos won’t look “good.” In reality, we only need a small, clean space to create amazing wedding photos!

I love these beautiful wedding day photos you were able to capture at home. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy wedding venue to create beautiful images.

Blackburn Portrait Design

We wholeheartedly agree!

I love your all the tips you offer for couples planning their wedding! Having photos of the entire wedding day, including the time spent getting ready, is so special. You do beautiful work, Susan!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you so much Michelle. Photographing weddings is so special–it is a stressful time for couples though. They need lots of planning options.