September 25, 2019

Value vs Cost: What Do You Value

One thing I have learned from my Dad is that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Another thing I have learned is that people value vastly different things in life.  I also know that people always find the money for something they really value and want.  This point was driven home when a local writer posted something on Social Media regarding a Special a well known and respected photographer was running.

The Special was actually a Mini-Session for like $200 with a 15 minute session and several full resolution downloads, fully retouched, chosen by said photographer.  First of all, as a photographer, I do have an inherent bias when I say this was really a great deal.  The photographer is recognized on an international level.  Her work is superb.  Really good portrait photography is an art.  There are entire wings in museums world wide dedicated to this art form.

I was, however, quite surprised by some of the really negative comments stating the price was “ridiculous,” the theme being since the posters did not agree with the price, anyone purchasing was out of their mind.  Umm, excuse me?  No.  Just.  NO.

So back to the point of people value different things.  Let’s put it in the context of cars.  While I can appreciate a high performance luxury car, it is well out of my budget.  Even if I did have the budget for one, I don’t value my vehicles all that much where I would be able to part with all the money it would require to buy one.  I simply have other things I would choose to spend my cash on.  I do not, however, think someone is crazy for buying one.  Good for them if that makes them happy.  And I certainly don’t take to Social Media stating that Jaguar is insane for charging what they charge.  Their car is simply out of my budget and something I don’t value enough to purchase.  End of story.

So why is someone so incensed about the price a photographer charges when it is simply out of their budget or they don’t value the images enough to pony up the fee?  This really does mystify me.  Because I know for a fact that some people will buy a pair of jeans or a moisturizer for that price.  And every single person I know owns a Smart Phone with unlimited data–that is way more than the price of the Mini Session being offered.  Personally, I value nice images of the people I love prominently displayed in my home where I can see them every day.  I am hard pressed, on the other hand, to purchase a $200 pair of jeans for myself.

So what do you value?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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