November 12, 2016

Perspective is Everything | Canfield Casino Wedding Photos

Perspective and Wedding Photography

When I am creating Wedding Photos, I think sometimes it is all about perspective.  Kind of like life.  I try to move around and see things from different vantage points during the day.  It gives variety to my clients and it is challenging to me.  Moving around and taking a different point of view can be uncomfortable, but also rewarding.  It helps you grow.

The Wedding Photos below are from a recent wedding near the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, NY.  We were in this very beautiful area with a fountain, a sundial and sculptures.  The light was the perfect kind of light you get in the fall late in the day.  The first photo is a fairly typical type of wedding photo in that the bride and groom are facing the camera and smiling.  I gave the image depth with the sundial in the foreground, as well as using the 70-200 mm lens to compress the background.  I really like this wedding photo because they look so happy.

Canfield Casino Wedding Photos
Love this black and white wedding photo in Congress Park this past fall.

What I like to do after I get a shot like this is move around to different angles.  I got some really different looking images at this wedding, but the one below is my favorite.  It is just Georges holding Kathy’s waist.  I love hands, and think they can be so eloquent.  I love the way he is holding tightly onto her waist, like he does not want to let go.  These kinds of images happen at every wedding spontaneously–every time.  I just need to move around.  Showing something like that is why I think Wedding Photos are important.  It captures a moment in time forever.  My goal is for my clients to remember exactly how they felt at a particular moment–photos help you do that.

Canfield Casino Wedding Photo
I love Georges’ hand on Kathy’s waist.

I love both photos individually, but I like them even better together.  Together they tell a story.  What do you think?

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