October 21, 2022

Who Needs Personal Branding Photos?

Personal Branding Photos vs. Headshots

Who Needs Personal Branding Photos?

Saratoga Headshots
Recently I did a Personal Branding Session with Ann Donnelly of Placentric. We captured this Headshot in a Corporate Boardroom setting.

This is a common question I get when someone is inquiring about photos for their business.  Personally, I think every business person should have an updated Headshot every couple of years at the very least.  Personal Branding Photos are like going the extra mile.  I truly believe that if your business has a website and any kind of social media presence, Personal Branding Photos are not only extremely helpful, they are a must.  Therefore,  I would say that everyone can benefit from Personal Branding Photos.  In today’s fast paced marketplace, every single business should have a library of relevant images to pull from at any moment for publications, marketing collateral, social media, speaking engagements–pretty much anything.

Saratoga NY Personal Branding Photos
I recently photographed Realtors John and Ryan of the Scott Varley Realty Group.

Times have changed, especially in the last few years.  The marketplace in general is more competitive, and today’s consumers/clients want to know more about the people behind their favorite brands and services.  People like to feel as if they are peeking behind the curtain into the workplace, so photos of your work environment and how you do what you do are important.

Personal Branding Photos Saratoga NY
You should be updating your Headshot every couple of years to reflect who you are.

Where Do We Start?

Being in business can be overwhelming, so where do you begin?  One objection I hear a lot is that people are uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Therefore, at the very least, update your Headshots.  If you are using a Headshot from more than 5 years ago–it is time to update.  If you have changed position, switched careers or majorly changed your look–it is time to update.  You want your online presence to match your current look and job.  A good professional Headshot Session should yield a few great images that you can use both on your website and for social media.  People have even been known to use one on their dating profile!  I am not naming names, but you know who you are!

Personal Branding Photos Saratoga NY
Chris is a Professional Speaker and needed some high quality photos of himself in action. This was a fun session!

Personal Branding Photos Are The Next Level

Now that you have realized that not only is it not so bad having photos taken, but can actually be fun, you can move up to Personal Branding Photos.  In our typical Personal Branding Photo Sessions, we include a few Headshots.  But we also do photos of you working, your environment, detail shots–whatever you need to have a custom library of images to pull from for a variety of applications.  We do this by having a planning meeting and discussing exactly what you need and want.  We will also discuss wardrobe options and plan how best to maximize our time together.

Branding Photos for Businesses
One of my favorite examples of a business owner at work.
Saratoga Headshots
Part of a simple Headshot Session for a local company. This office does contemporary architecture and furnishings, so I love the graphic nature of the image.

Let’s Get Started Planning Your Personal Branding Photos

So who needs Personal Branding Photos?  You do!  So let’s get started!  You can schedule an appointment by calling us at (518) 584-4237 or by filling in our Contact Form.

Do you want to learn more about Headshots and Personal Branding?  Be sure to check out our Commercial Photography Portfolio.

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