April 5, 2021

2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends

Post Pandemic Wedding Trends Rule!

The Pandemic changed everyone’s lives for sure.  As a Saratoga NY Wedding Photographer, I can tell you that it totally changed weddings.  The Knot has named 2021 The Year of Intentionality because of this.

I believe that Intentionality can actually be a really good thing.  Instead of just reflexively planning a large, blow out affair, many couples are rethinking what a wedding really is and what is most important to them.  In many cases, couples are realizing that the people who matter the most at their weddings are close family and friends.  They are also realizing that a smaller guest list will allow them to have more of the budget available to things they think are important–a great photographer (of course), a more gourmet meal, amazing florals, etc.  To that end, I have compiled some of my favorite 2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends.

Below are some of the 2021 Post Pandemic Trends:

Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers Mansion Saratoga
Outdoor Tent weddings can be elegant and beautiful.
Saratoga NY Intimate Wedding Photographers
This Outdoor Tent Wedding really was lovely.

Outdoor Weddings:  The Pandemic underscored the need for better air circulation and fresh air.   The bonus is that tent weddings can be quite nice provided you get amenities like a dance floor, walls, and nice tables and chairs.

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers Saratoga Hilton
Anemones are one of my favorite flowers.
2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends Photos
Orchids–unusual, unexpected and totally lovely.
Summer Wedding Ceremony Photo Saratoga NY
Custom Ceremony Arch by Bokland Custom Visuals.

Florals:  Now that the budget has been redirected from a large guest list, some brides are opting for more elaborate arrangements or perhaps flowers that are harder to come by.  I have seen some pretty unique and creative arrangements over the last year.

Best Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers Pavilion Grand Hotel
Beautifully presented desserts instead of traditional cake? Of course!
2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends Photo Pavilion Grand Hotel Saratoga NY
Linens, and pretty tableware can make a huge difference in the look of your reception tables.  Table by Fine Affairs.
2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends Photos
Wine Pairing with dinner!

Gourment Dining and Elaborate Menus:  Instead of a cocktail hour where people are milling about, more couples are opting for multicourse dinners, elaborate tablescapes, dinners with wine pairings, etc.  It is an opportunity to highlight a more gourment experience that we are finding many guests actually appreciate.

Midweek Wedding Photos Saratoga NY
Midweek Weddings–Yay!

Weekday Weddings:  Honestly, I was seeing this before the Pandemic.  Couples are finding that a venue that might originally have been out of their budget on a Saturday is actually pretty affordable on a Wednesday or Thursday.

These are just a few of my favorite 2021 Post Pandemic Wedding Trends.  I really looking forward to photographing all the upcoming events this year and to see what unfolds.

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