January 29, 2023

2023 Wedding Photography Trends | Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers

The Top Wedding Photography Trends for 2023

Top Wedding Photography Trends 2023

Bride’s Magazine just published the Top Wedding Photography Trends for the coming year.  As a longtime Wedding Photographer in the Saratoga NY area, I have been seeing Weddings change every year.  From little things like favors and cake to big things like guest count and venues, change is a constant in the Wedding Industry.  Over the years, I have also had to change and adapt my Wedding Photography to different trends.

Saratoga Springs S & S Farms Wedding Photos
Even though I set this photo up, the emotion in the moment was candid.

One of the Top Wedding Photography Trends Is Candid Photos!

One thing on the Top Wedding Photography Trends list that really caught my eye was Candid Moments.  While I generally do not pay attention to Wedding Photography Trends in general, this one really made me happy.  When I first began Wedding Photography, photojournalism was just starting out thanks to Dennis Reggie.  I just loved the look of his photos at Weddings.  A while back I wrote a post about “Asked For” photos and “Found” photos.  Basically the asked for photos are the posed images.  The found photos are the candid, unposed images.  I personally love the candid moments at a Wedding.  Looking back at the photos from my own Wedding, the candids were my favorites.  Therefore, I am very happy that people want a more natural look in their photos from their Wedding Day.

Schenectady NY Wedding Photos
Totally candid moment of Cheryl getting ready with her girls.

How Much Is Posed?

As a Wedding Photographer, I would say that about 20% of what I do are posed images.  These would be the Bride and Groom portraits, Family portraits, and Bridal Party.  Even with those, I do like to see more real interaction between people instead of stiff and posey looks.

Wedding Ceremony Photo Anne's Washington Inn
You cannot pose a moment like this–it just happens organically.

The remaining 80% of what I personally shoot at a Wedding are unposed, natural candid photos.  There are meaningful moments all day long that I just don’t need to insert myself into to get good shots.  From getting ready through the ceremony and reception, there is so much going on.  I just need to pay attention and be in the right place at the right time.  This is a skill that is developed over time, but you also have to really just immerse yourself in the event.

Saratoga Mansion Wedding Photography
Unposed–I was just paying close attention.

Top Wedding Photography Trends vs. Expectations

Of course, one of the things I like to talk to my clients about ahead of time is what they want to see in their photos.  Managing expectations at an uncontrolled event like a Wedding is really important.  I need to know ahead of time who the key players are and what the relationship dynamics are.  Having these kinds of discussions really does help me to tell the story completely for a couple on their Wedding Day.  Communication is key if you want a more photojournalistic look to your Wedding Photos.

2023 Wedding Photography Trends
I love candid moments right before the Wedding Ceremony starts.

If you are looking for a more natural and authentic look in your Wedding Photos, please schedule a consultation–I think we might be a good fit.  You can use our Contact Form or call the studio directly at (518) 584-4237.

Susan Blackburn captures spontaneous and candid Wedding Photos for couples in the 518 area of Upstate NY.


While I love a great posed wedding portrait, the emotion that comes from the candid weddings photos just can’t be beat! I love when you can feel the love, joy, excitement of the day through the photographs.

Blackburn Portrait Design

I feel the same way! I want people to relive their wedding day through the photos!

Candid wedding photos truly show the emotion of the day in such a beautiful way. Hiring a wedding photographer that can create beautiful images, both posed and candid, will ensure that you have gorgeous memories from your wedding day, and you do exceptional work, Susan!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Wedding candids are a great way to relive the emotion of the day, but you also need some killer posed shots as well!