January 26, 2018

3 Considerations for Your Executive Head Shots | Saratoga Portraits

3 Considerations for Your Executive Headshots

I just read a crazy statistic.  Did you know that according to an article in Forbes Magazine  almost 85% of consumers trust a company more if the founder uses social media?  And that they are 80% more likely to purchase from that company?  Doesn’t that blow you away?  To me, this just demonstrates that the boundary between your work and your personal life is becoming more and more blurred.  That is why it is more important than ever to have up to date professional executive head shots.  Below are three considerations for updating your photos.

Professional business photos
Stay current with your headshot! Can you imagine if this man had a portrait from 20 years ago on his site? He looks professional, friendly and accessible.

Take some time to carefully think about what you want to convey with your photo.  I feel like this is the most important step, but for some reason people tend to skip it.  But trust me–it will save you time and money in the end.  Are you working in a traditional business setting where you want to appear conservative?  Or do you work in a creative environment where you need to look more creative and  fashion forward?  Do you want to look serious or casual?  Or do you want to do multiple looks?  Do you want a traditional studio backdrop or more of an environmental portrait?  These are all things that I need to  discuss before I even take the first photograph.

Realtor Executive Headshots Saratoga Springs NY
My client Sandy works as a realtor, so we did a traditional backdrop and clothing.  Then…
Saratoga Springs Executive Head shots Photographers
We also created this more casual look. Both have different applications.

Where will you be using your photos?  A typical Executive Headshot is usually shot vertically.  However, if you are going to use the image as a Facebook banner on your Timeline, the shot should be horizontal.  LinkedIn features a circle for your photo.  Are you going to send the image to publications or do you need it for other printed applications?  Also, an image for your website might be more traditional and your social media image could be more casual.

Head Shots Saratoga Springs NY
Horizontal is great for Facebook banners.
Saratoga Springs Headshot Photography
Same session but  a more relaxed image.

Do you need color or black and white?  Or both?  I generally give my clients a color image as well as the same image in black and white.  Some publications will only accept black and white, so it is always good to have your image in a black and white version.

Executive Portraits Saratoga Springs NY
This is an image for a Creative Director. That is why I shot this in a less traditional manner.
Saratoga Springs Commercial Photography
This is the same image in Black and White. I think it looks very different!

After reading this, I totally expect all of you to get moving and have an up to date head shot created–just think of the 85% of the population that needs to see your face before they trust you.

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