February 9, 2024

Achieving Variety in Your Professional Headshots

You Only Get Once Chance To Make a First Impression With Your Professional Headshots

I have said it before and I will say it again–your Professional Headshot is like your digital handshake.  Many times your clients will see you for the first time on your website or one of the many Social Media accounts relating to your business.  How can you maximize the impact then?

Variety In Your Professional Headshots Is Key

The days of a “one and done” for Headshots is over.  In my opinion, you need three at the very least.  Why?  Because each social media platform has different requirements in terms of format and overall feel.  For example, LinkedIn requires a circle for the profile image while Instagram is square.  LinkedIn is also a little more “buttoned up” in terms of how people present themselves.

Ways To Add Variety To Your Headshots

Professional Headshots near me
In these studio headshots of Karen, we used two different backgrounds and outfits.

A quick way to achieve variety in your Professional Headshots is by varying the backdrops.  We can do that quickly here in the studio.  We can also go on location.

Professional Headshot Studio Saratoga NY
Layers are a great way to lend variety to any portrait Session. Here we had an elegant Chanel style jacket to use over the brown dress. We also used three different backdrops.

Another way to add variety is to wear different clothing items.  I love it when people bring layers because we can subtract or add a piece like a jacket for an entirely new look.

Realtor Corporate Headshots
Let’s not forget the men!

Planning ahead is critical to the success of any Portrait Session.  One of the ways our studio ensures you get variety is to have a consultation with you before your session.  That way we can determine where you will be using your new Headshots and how much variety you need.

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Love the variety you offer your clients. I love having an array of images to pull from when needed for my business. Great work.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Jody! We feel that by providing clients with a library of their images it helps them stand out and stay competitive in the marketplace.

I saw your post about this the other day and I’m amazed at how many looks you got in such a short amount of time!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Michelle! I have spent a lot of time learning photography from some of the best photographers in the country. Working with them has helped me hone my skills and work quickly and efficiently.