March 24, 2017

Face Forward | Why Professional Corporate Head Shots Matter

Why Professional Corporate Head Shots Matter

Corporate Head Shots–Most people dread them.  LOL.

It’s a jungle out there.  That statement is truer than ever before.  We are all doing business in a climate of extreme competition.  Did you know that professional Corporate Head Shots are more important now than it was in the past?   Many times the first time a potential client “meets” you it is online through your website or social media.  Many people think that professional business photos are only for CEOs.  Maybe you have Corporate Head Shots  from a few years/jobs back.  Hey, I get it–we all have the excuse of wanting to lose a few pounds or some other insecurities–but you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice.  Here are five reasons why you need to invest in corporate and personal branding photos today.

Professional Corporate Headshots Saratoga
Melissa is a social media guru in our area. She is fun, so we wanted to show that aspect of her personality.

Looking the Part for Corporate Head Shots:

Most of us understand the importance of showing up to work wearing professional attire and looking the part.  Sadly, many of us do not carry that concept to our online presence.  Whether your company sells business to business or business to consumer, your virtual storefront/social media is how many people connect with you.  Social media and websites are the new handshake.  Having no photo or a snapshot you took with a selfie stick is unprofessional–sorry to say that is how potential clients will perceive you.

Professional Head shot Business Portraits Saratoga
Kyle is graduating from college this year and wanted a head shot for LinkedIn and his resume.

Staying Top of Mind With Corporate Head Shots:

Did you know that people will remember your name much better if they can associate it with a face?  Having a professional corporate head shot will help you stay in the front of peoples’ minds.  They will remember your business if they remember your face.

Lifestyle Corporate Head shots Saratoga
A head shot can be more relaxed than in the past. Feel free to show your personality.

Standing Out from the Herd:

People will look more closely at your website or social media if there is a professional photo that humanizes the business.  It is just human nature.  When you have a professional portrait, it helps gain trust.  This is especially true if you have heavy client contact.  People want to see that you are friendly, accessible and personable.

Corporate Head Shot Photo Studio Saratoga NY
I love the colors in this image.

Marketing and Promotion:

A professional head shot does not only exist online.  You can use them in all of your marketing collateral.  Some uses might be business cards, brochures, newsletters or to market personal appearances.  The added benefit is that when a publication does an article on you and asks for a photo, you don’t scramble trying to find something to send.

Professional business photos
Stay current with your headshot! Can you imagine if this man had a portrait from 20 years ago on his site? He looks professional, friendly and accessible.

Staying Current With Your Corporate Head Shot:

Updated business photos demonstrate to clients that you are “keeping up” with what is going on in the business arena.  They also provide a more accurate and honest representation of who the client will be dealing with.  Get rid of the shot from ten years ago right now.

Have I motivated you to update your business head shot?  Are you ready to take the next step?  Call me at 518.584.4237 or fill in the Contact Form.  Or would you like to read more about Corporate Headshots?