June 15, 2023

Headshots vs. Branding Photos for Business

Branding Photos for Business–Do you need them?

Headshots vs. Personal Branding.  Which do you need?  Or do you really need both?

Let’s look at some photography I did the other day for The Saratoga Day Spa.

Kelley, the owner, contacted me because she needed updated images for her website and social media.  She also needed an updated group shot for an ad they will be running in a local publication.  It is very common for me that customers have multiple uses for images.  After a short discussion, we decided to book a few hours to create everything she needed.  I am a big fan of doing as much as we can as efficiently as possible.  If you have the time and the budget for both, it is a great opportunity to level up.

When I arrived, we did individual Headshots of all the people who work there–I am not posting those because we then moved on to what I think is the “fun stuff.”  I like seeing what people do, how they do it, and then figuring out how to photograph it.

Branding Photos for your Business that are dynamic:

I feel that it is very important that you have dynamic and interesting Branding Photos for your business.  Why?  Because it will stop people from scrolling through their Social Media feeds for five seconds.

Personal Branding for Business Photos
I like to show people doing their jobs.
Branding for Business Photos
We shot this in one of the treatment rooms that had great natural light.
Commercial Branding Photo
Hot towels? Yes, please.
Branding Photos for Business
The Spa has RNs who provide Botox treatments.
Saratoga Commercial Photographers
I often feel like hands are very important.
Branding Photos for Business
How cool is the rose gold mask?
Saratoga Commercial Photographers
Making a windowless treatment room work for photos requires strobe.
Personal Branding for Business Photos
OK–this fascinated me. I had never seen cupping before. Very cool.
Branding Photography Saratoga NY
Again, there were no windows in the room. Therefore, we needed to create light.
Commercial Branding Photos for Business
Eyebrow threading.
Day Spa Branding Photos
OK–this was just cool.

And yes, we got a group shot.  LOL.

Headshot Photos Saratoga NY
Hey, here is the whole gang!

Increase your visibility with interesting and creative Branding Photos for business.

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