March 22, 2023

Can You Retake Your Senior Pictures? | Saratoga Photographers

Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned

As Saratoga Senior Portrait Photographers, every year we get calls from High School Seniors who went to “other” Photographers and were not happy.  So we often get asked:

“Can you retake your Senior Pictures?”

Of course you can retake your Senior Pictures!  We are happy to help you out with that.  However, please be aware that depending on when you contact us, they may or may not make your High School Yearbook deadline.  Just know that if you want to retake your Senior Portraits, you are not alone!  Many people choose to retake their professional Senior Portraits with us for a variety of reasons.

Common Reasons People Retake Their Senior Pictures

They Thought They Had To Use The School Photographer:

The Number One Reason people come to us for Senior Portrait retakes is they thought they “had” to use the School Photographer.  There are Photography Studios that contract with High Schools to do the Yearbook Photos exclusively.  These contracts often give the schools a “kickback” in the form of a “donation” or they provide free photography services for events.  In June they start sending out appointment cards that make it sound like they are the only option for the area High School Seniors.  While you may need to use their photo for your Yearbook submission, you are under no obligation to do a full session with them or purchase anything.  Or some schools will allow you to do a Yearbook photo submission from another Senior Portrait Photographer as long as it meets the requirements.  The requirements are usually formal backdrop and sometimes girls in a black “drape” and guys in a suit and tie.  This is something we can totally do, and we do it very well!

Their Friend Had A Good Camera….

We all have friends who have good cameras.  Many times, people come to us because their friend offered to do their pictures–and the results were “meh.”  Unfortunately, good cameras are not the only requirement for professional Senior Portraits.  As Senior Portrait specialists, we have extensive experience with posing, lighting and styling.

They Went To A Cheap Photographer

Sometimes people are in sticker shock when they are looking for a Professional Photographer.  We get it.  But the old adage that “You get what you pay for” is true.  While we have a higher session fee than most, we include your retouched image for the Yearbook.  We also do not have a minimum order, and we do not use high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy more.  So in the long run, we are pretty competitive with our pricing.  And you might end up saving money in the long run by booking us first.  While the cheap Photographer just starting out can seem like an attractive option, they often do not understand even simple things like Yearbook Deadlines and Submission requirements, forcing you to book someone in order to get an acceptable photo for the Yearbook.

They Have Drastically Changed Their Look

Seniors grow and evolve a lot over the course of their Senior Year.  For their Announcements and Thank You cards, they may want to reflect their updated look.  That is why we offer our Senior Portrait Clients the option of Mini Sessions in the Spring.  They get variety in their Senior Portrait Coverage and we get to have fun.

Whatever your reason to have a  retake, we are happy to welcome you to our Studio.  We will start with a consultation phone call before your appointment to discuss what exactly you want to do, we will spend about an hour and a half photographing you, and we will have a blast doing it.

To book a Retake Your Senior Pictures Session, either use our Contact Form or give us a call at (518) 584-4237 today.  We would love to photograph you!

Be sure to check out our Senior Portrait FAQs.


Valid points that many seniors and parents may not even think about. Also great reminders to do research and select a senior photographer who can capture their uniqueness.

Blackburn Portrait Design


What a great question to answer upfront for those who are thinking in advance. Making good photos sometimes takes that second chance and what a privilege your clients have that you willingly offer a re-take for senior photos that need to be updated or improved upon. Well written and helpful senior photography blog.

Susan, your post brings up so many great points about hiring the right senior portrait photographer! Offering retakes for such an important session is something I’m sure families will appreciate.

Blackburn Portrait Design

I feel like it is one of those things that people don’t talk about–what do you do if you hate your Senior Portraits?

These are great tips to think about as well when hiring your senior photographer! Do your research and hopefully you won’t have to do them a 2nd time.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Exactly! But I feel like there are many photographers out there with varying skill levels and consumers have a hard time evaluating who to hire for Senior Portraits.