August 17, 2019

Where Ya Been? | Upstate NY Location Senior Portraits

Upstate NY Location Senior Portraits

Summer is always a great time of year, more so because I do lots of High School Senior Portraits.

I like working with my clients and especially like going on location and getting Senior portraits in different places.  It is especially a great challenge to go to a familiar location and make it look completely different.  Problem solving is fun! Not everything is planned out in advance, and I like that!  This year has been fun because I have gotten to go to some totally new places.  Here are some of my favorites:

Upstate NY Location Senior Portraits
I have been here with wedding clients a lot. I don’t usually get to bring a High School kid here–and we did some high fashion shots as a bonus.
Saratoga National Senior Portrait
I have been here many times, but never photographed this particular location at this time of day. This was a challenge because the client wanted this particular background, and this time of day is not easy! We actually needed to use a subractive lighting technique to do this because the sun was so bright, we did not want him squinting and the background could not be blown out.
Yaddo Garden Senior Portraits
This is a great location because it looks different at different times of the day. I love the backlit leaves here.
Senior Portrait Photo Ballston Spa NY
Same session, different part of this park.
Upstate NY Senior Portraits
It was raining and we were supposed to go on location. We used my porch instead. Hey, it happens. We ended going on location the next day, but I really like this one!
Teen Portraits Albany NY
LIterally a wall of shrubs in a Downtown area. You would never guess.
Ballston Spa High School Portraits
Side of the road–light was great.
Upstate NY Senior Portraits
Another pull over on the side of the road moment. LOL.
Saratoga NY Senior Portraits
I have been here a lot. I wanted to photograph this thinking about negative space.
Senior Portraits Averill Park NY
I had driven by this location several times and finally got to use it. Love the textures.
Upstate NY Location Senior Portraits
Same wall, different time of day. Looks completely different.
Senior Sports Portraits Saratoga NY
When we got to the field, we realized the grass was not being maintained because it was the off season. No problem–just did not shoot the grass.

So that’s where I have been.  Where have you been?

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