February 18, 2022

Saratoga NY Engagement Session in the Snow

Saratoga NY Engagement Session In The Snow

An Engagement Session in the Snow is so fun. There is something really magical about a fresh snowfall, and as a photographer, I love the way the snow bounces light around making for great photos.

Engagement Photos in the Snow Saratoga NY Hall of Springs
We were so lucky that there was no one else around at this time. They had the rink all to themselves.

Recently I got to photograph Krystle and Alex’s Engagement Session in the snow at the State Park in Saratoga.  After postponing twice due to weather concerns, we finally had a clear day–yay! We were originally supposed to meet up the day before, but we had a huge storm. I think it actually worked out better this day.

It was cold–SUPER cold.  But I love the way everything turned out.

Always Plan Ahead

For any of my portrait sessions, I like to discuss clothing and location options ahead of time.  It is especially important with a Winter Session because if the clients are cold, it can be a miserable experience.  From personal experience, I know that Frostbite is no fun.   Because of this, we decided that jackets, boots and hats were a must.  I loved the colors they chose because they really melded well with all the snowy backdrops we were working with.  I also feel like the choice of coats was excellent because while they were warm, they were not overly bulky items and do look fashionable.

We had discussed ahead of time that one of the things they enjoy doing together is ice skating, so we started with that–so fun!

Engagement Session in the Snow Hall of Springs Saratoga NY
I love the colors Krystle and Alex wore for their Engagement Session.

Variety is important for any Engagement Session

We then drove over to another area of the park to use several different backgrounds for variety.  Luckily there was a spot to go indoors at one point to warm up, it was that cold.  I was joking with them that this session looks like an ad for the local Chamber of Commerce for why you should come stay over in Saratoga during the Winter.  I had also brought a white furry blanket with me to layer over their clothes so we threw that in for a few photos.

Tips for Winter Photos State Park Saratoga NY
Honestly, how cute are they?!

If you would like to see more, you can view the entire Engagement Session in the Snow here:

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Oh, I just love this engagement session in the snow. It looks like they had a great time and you captured it wonderfully!

What a fun engagement session you provided for this darling couple! You really captured their love and fun personalities! Love your session video at the end!

This looks like so much fun! I love snow sessions and they look like they had a blast. They are going to cherish these engagement photos!

I love all the variety for this engagement session! Winter is such a beautiful time for professional portraits, even if it is cold! With all the snow in update New York, newly engaged couples are sure to love this option!

These are the cutest snowy engagement pictures! I love all of them! I’m sure in upstate New York you get lots of chances to take snowy photos!