May 15, 2023

Family Portraits That Last | Saratoga Photographers

I create Family Heirlooms.

As Photographers in Saratoga NY, I am in the business of creating Family Portraits that last.  One of my main motivators when working with clients is to create images that stand the test of time.  With that in mind, I am always thinking of four things–wardrobe, location, lighting, and posing.  If you look at Portraits throughout History, those were the main considerations, and they hold true today.

Wardrobe For Family Portraits That Last

Family Portraits That Last
Simple clothing options are always great. Texture is a great way to add visual interest without going crazy.

I have noticed over the many years I have been a Photographer that one of the things that date a photo quickly is wardrobe.  This is especially true for some reason with shoes, eyeglasses and trendy prints on clothing.  Please note, I have nothing against these items personally.  After all, I can be a pretty trendy dresser myself.  It is just that in Portraits, we want people to be focused on faces, not outfits.  Therefore, I do advise all my clients at their consultation to think more long term.  Simple and classic is truly the way to go.  If you want to inject more personality, you always do that with accessories.

Locations For Timeless Portraits

In Home Family Portraits Saratoga NY
This session took place in the family’s home in Saratoga. Window light is always great.

Again, I want people to have a Portrait that stands the test of time.  But I also want them to have something that has meaning to them and brings back a good memory.  We spend time discussing locations that are meaningful and go with what they want to remember.  Again, simplicity is always your friend.

Family Portrait Lighting

Saratoga Family Portraits
I feel like soft light is best for most people.

For all Portraits, lighting should ideally be complimentary.  It really is my mission in life to make people look their best and have them love the way they look.  I have taken classes over the years and studied lighting so I can make people look great.  It is often the first thing I am thinking of when I arrive at a location for a Portrait Session.  I am fortunate that I can bring lights, so I do not have to rely solely on naturally occurring light.

Posing For Family Portraits

Heirloom Family Portraits Saratoga NY
Posing should be dynamic and compositionally good, but also flattering for everyone.

Posing for Family Portraits is not that different from what I do for individual Portraits.  After all, the first thing people look at in a group portrait is themselves.  If they do not like the way they look, it is a bad photo.  It does not matter if everything else is technically great.  Again, this is why I take classes in posing and lighting–I want everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Finally, as a Portrait Photographer I do understand that a true Family Portrait is not inexpensive.  If clients are going through the time, effort and expense of hiring me to create portraits, they need to be Family Portraits that last.  I want them to be able to proudly display their Family Portrait in their homes for many, many years.  Family Portraits are NOT expensive.  They are priceless.

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Susan Blackburn photographs heirloom Family Portraits in Saratoga NY



Your images are stunning and timeless. These Saratoga families will display their images for years to come. They are not trendy, or flashy they are priceless pieces that will be loved for years. Stunning work!

Blackburn Portrait Design

We love a good, timeless family portrait around here!

I love that you create timeless photos for your Saratoga families! These are images that they will treasure for a lifetime!

Whether it’s for family photos or smaller group photos everyone wants to love the way they look. Your clients must love your great focus on location, wardrobe, lighting and posing, all at the same time. Your work stands above the rest and this is why! Excellent family photos gallery!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you so much Andrea! I realized how important this all was when I had young kids. We were never really satisfied with the JC Penney photo experience. When I opened my Photography Studio, I wanted to give my clients a much better level of service and quality!

If people don’t like the way they look, it’s a “bad photo.” I’ve never heard such a true statement about photography!! As photographers, we look at so much more like posing, lighting, and locations. I love that you show such beautiful poses and locations for these family portraits!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you so much! Every detail matters when planning portraits!

Such great tips for posing, location, lighting and clothing selections. These are integral to creating the perfect portrait that stands the test of time, thank you for the tips!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Proper prior planning is so important for a good Portrait Session!