August 27, 2014

Senior Portraits Saratoga | It’s All About Location

August and the start of school mean one thing–Senior Portraits!   Location can really enhance the mood of a portrait.

Last week, I blogged about the impact  the correct location has on Engagement Photos.  You can read that post here.  The same applies to Senior Portraits.  The Saratoga area is a fantastic place to have your High School Senior Portraits created.  We have so many really outstanding locations.  We have both town locations and beautiful countryside locations.

Senior Portraits Saratoga
To me, this is a quintessential Saratoga Senior Portrait because it is outdoors in a field and Morgan is wearing an Equestrienne outfit.
Saratoga Senior Portraits 02
You will never guess this location, but there are plenty of opportunities like this around town.
Shen Senior Portraits 01
The Casino in Congress Park is always an interesting space. It looks different depending on what time of day it is.
Shen Senior Portraits 03
Same spot, just a tight close up. Sami has beautiful eyes.
Saratoga Springs Senior Portraits 02
Sometimes you can find a really interesting fence in a downtown area.
Saratoga Springs Senior Portraits 01
This close up of Camryn was made in the same spot. Love her red hair!
Saratoga Springs Senior Portraits 05
This is actually in a gravel parking lot, with an outfit change:)
Senior Portraits Saratoga 04
Our downtown area has lots of old, distressed brick and the building tenants like to have lots of flowers and plants around.
Senior Portraits Saratoga
We can usually find some gritty looking buildings too.
South Glens Falls Senior Portrait 02
We also have lakes around if you want a more nautical look. It was like hitting the lottery that Alba’s Vans exactly matched the dock.
Saratoga Senior Portraits 03
We can’t forget the boys! We photographed Aiden in the State Park. The architecture is very classic and masculine.
Saratoga Senior Portraits 01
A golf course can be nice as well. There are several really great courses in our area.
Long Island Senior Portraits
This was just a really cool location on Long Island that I though I would just throw in.
Ballston Spa Senior Portraits 03
And sometimes, all you really need is a patch of grass in some nice light.

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Susan Blackburn is a High School Senior Portrait Photographer living and working in the Saratoga Springs, NY area.  She provides custom portraits for clients in Saratoga Springs, Lake George, the Adirondacks and beyond.  Please call 518.584.4237 or fill in a Contact Form to schedule your appointment.