June 5, 2023

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos | Heather + Jason

A Wedding at the Saratoga Mansion Inn is always special.

Heather and Jason recently held their Wedding at the Saratoga Mansion Inn on a gorgeous May day.  This couple chose to host an Intimate Midweek Wedding, which was perfect!  Below is a short slideshow of some of my favorite photos from the Wedding:

Favorite Photos from Heather + Jason’s Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding:

Just a few of my personal favorites from the Wedding are below.

Mansion Inn Saratoga Wedding Photos
Can we have a round of applause for the sign? Their last name is Fox–how cute is this?
Mansion Inn Wedding Photo
Another bespoke detail was the glasses etched with foxes.
Saratoga NY Wedding Photos
I like to include coverage of the men getting ready if at all possible at a Wedding. It completes the photos.
Wedding Photos Saratoga NY
It is always really hard to pick favorite Wedding details. I do love this velvet jewelry travel case with the bride’s name though.
Mansion Inn Wedding Photos Saratoga NY
Getting ready is always a fun process.

The “Formal” Wedding Portraits

Every Wedding, we shoot at least a few “formal” portraits.  That does not mean they are stiff or traditional!

Saratoga Mansion Inn wedding Photos
I always feel that when I am in a special venue, I want to capture the unique surroundings.
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
Not to be outdone by the groom, Heather was amazing. Again, hard to choose favorites.
Mansion Inn Saratoga NY Wedding Photos
I set this up to shoot from the other side, but realized this was very interesting!

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos–The Ceremony

I personally believe the Wedding Ceremony is probably the most important aspect of the day.  Therefore, we need to be sure to document it well.

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
I caught this moment right before the Bride walked into the Ceremony in the rustic Barn.
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
The gesture in this is just so perfect.
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
The Bride’s aunt performed a traditional Native American Blanket ceremony. The feathers were spectacular.
Candid Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
That Just Married Moment!

The Formals Part 2:

Because this couple chose to not see each other before the Wedding Ceremony, we did all their photos together after.

Saratoga Mansion Inn Bridal Party Photos
This was a fun group to photograph.
Saratoga Springs NY Luxury Wedding Photography
The Bridal Wreath Spirea is only in bloom for a very short time, so I was happy to be able to use it for photos.
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
There are so many great locations for photos at the Mansion. The Barn is definitely a must.
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos
The lush grounds are always a treat to photograph.

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos:  The Reception:

The Reception is always fun–it is when my couples let their hair down.

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Reception Photos
The Intro to the Reception!

Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photos

Saratoga Wedding Reception Photos
Saratoga NY Wedding Photos Mansion Inn
How cute is the Cake Topper!
Saratoga Mansion Inn Wedding Photo
I love a good Walking Photo, don’t you?

Congrats and Best Wishes to Heather and Jason!

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