March 7, 2022

Saratoga Locations Are the Key to Great Wedding Photos

Locations are the Key To Great Wedding Photos

Location, Location, Location

Getting Great Wedding Photos
Locations are a major component of great Wedding Photos.

We have all heard how important location is in many different contexts.  But as a Wedding Photographer, I can tell you that absolutely Locations are the key to great Wedding Photos.  So let’s do a rundown of the what and why you need to think about when planning for amazing wedding pictures.

Locations are the key to great wedding photos
A location with ample space and good natural light makes your Wedding Photographer’s job much easier–and you will like the photos better too! This was taken at the Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga NY.

Getting Ready Locations:

Many couples want to have at least some Wedding Photos created during the Getting Ready portion of the day.  However, the number one issue when I show up at the Getting Ready location is poor lighting, a teeny, tiny space, or both.  If you hire a Professional Wedding Photographer, of course they will be able to work around those issues.  We would not be Professionals if we couldn’t adapt to crappy situations.  But if you want your Wedding Photographer to love you even more than they already do, you will choose a location that is large enough for all the major players to get ready comfortably and still allow us to move around for great angles.  Also keep in mind that natural light is preferred for several reasons.  First, tensions can be high and people are on edge–let’s not add to that with flashes popping every five seconds.  Two, natural light is very flattering and beautiful.

Wedding Ceremony Location Photos
I am a huge fan of natural light for wedding ceremony photos. I also love being able to move around freely.

Ceremony Sites:

Honestly, the Wedding Ceremony is the center of the event.  You will be having the most intimate conversation of your life with another human being during your wedding ceremony.  Believe me when I tell you that it will go by in an absolute blur.  That is why you want fabulous ceremony photos.  You also want your Wedding Photographer to be as unobtrusive as possible so you can concentrate on each other.  I highly recommend that you choose a Ceremony site that has good natural light if at all possible.  You will want to also check with your Wedding Officiant ahead of time to find out if the Photographer can move about freely to get the best shots.  If there are any limitations, be sure to let your Wedding Photographer know ahead of time.

Outdoor Wedding Photo Locations:

Location Wedding photo at the Gideon Putnam
Beautiful outdoor locations are so special.  This was captured at The Gideon Putnam in Saratoga.
Saratoga NY Longfellow's Barn Reception Venue Saratoga NY
For those who love a rustic barn look, Longfellow’s in Saratoga is a great option–it is an old Dairy Barn converted into a beautiful restaurant wedding venue.

I absolutely LOVE working outdoors on location.  But sometimes things can go awry.  Nothing is a bigger let down than getting somewhere and finding out that you need a permit to shoot there–which no one happens to have.  In addition, outdoor locations can present some challenges.  Inclement weather can impact outdoor photography significantly.  Time of day is also a huge consideration.  I always try to scout any locations I have not previously worked at ahead of time so I have a Plan B in my head.  Do a little research ahead of time to see if your desired location has any covered areas in case of bad weather or poor lighting conditions.

Reception Venues:

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photos
Let your photographer know ahead of time if your Band/DJ are bringing any special lighting.

Receptions are super fun–but can also be challenging to photograph on a wedding day.  I almost always use some form of supplemental lighting on a Wedding Day.  One thing I always appreciate is if a couple checks with the venue as to whether there are any locations that are off limits to us on the day of the wedding.  Also, take into account if your Band/DJ will be bringing any kind of lighting and let your photographer know ahead of time.

Wedding Venues Saratoga NY
Showcasing the venue is important in Wedding Photography.

Spending a little time before the event thinking carefully about your location options can yield huge dividends in terms of great Wedding Photos.  If you enjoyed this post, you might also like to read about How We Simplify Your Wedding Day.

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Susan Blackburn loves helping her Wedding Photography Clients find amazing and unique locations for their Wedding images.




These are great things for engaged couples to think about when choosing their wedding ceremony location. If they want light, bright wedding photos, it’s all about location! You can’t get those at every location.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Agree! That is why we scout locations if we have never worked a venue prior to an event. We want to be sure we can work quickly and get fabulous results in all of our wedding photos.

I’ve never really thought about all the different locations that go into a wedding! These are great things to think about!

I love all the though you put into sharing great information on wedding locations! You put your heart and soul into your beautiful work and it shows!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Jeanine. I love my job and feel so fortunate to be able to photograph all kinds of people!