July 6, 2020

Pandemic Lemonade | A Backyard Wedding in Saratoga

Backyard Wedding Photos in Saratoga.

Backyard Wedding Saratoga

So one of my couples, Marissa and Nathaniel, decided with the Pandemic to postpone their big wedding until next year but still get married on their date this year.  I loved how they made some figurative Pandemic Lemonade.  They decided to have a very intimate wedding in their yard in Saratoga with just parents and siblings in attendance.  It was simple, sweet and just perfect.  I love their very personal backyard wedding photos.  I thought it was a great story, so I had them write something up for the Blog.  Here it is:


“We aren’t quite your typical couple when it comes to many things. We bought a house and got a dog well before even talking about getting married. A few years later when we got to talking about marriage we ended up booking a venue and moving forward with plans before formally getting engaged.

Backyard Wedding Saratoga NY
Loved the coasters they had and it was a perfect backdrop for the rings.
Saratoga Backyard Microwedding
They still had great flowers from Native Farm Flowers.

“But by early 2020 everything started to look more like a typical wedding. We were finally engaged, our venue and vendors were all booked, hotel blocks were set, invites selected wax sealed and sent out, an after party was scheduled at our favorite bar. Friends and family were making travel plans.

Backyard Micro wedding Saratoga NY
Marissa’s Dad still got to walk her to the ceremony.

“Then among all the excitement covid began to get everyone’s attention. First just news from China (albeit a bit closer to home as Nathaniel had been in Wuhan for work earlier in 2019). Then growing concern as Europe began to get more and more sick. Like most people the reality of how big and far reaching the pandemic would become took a while to sink it. Once cases began spreading across the US and NYC, we began to wonder what impact this would have on our plans.

Saratoga NY Backyard wedding
Marissa and Nathaniel exchanged vows under an arbor they made in their front yard.

Outdoor Wedding Photos Saratoga NY

“In early spring we were naive and optimistic. In our minds it was hard to imagine our wedding in late June being affected. As time went on it became clear that wouldn’t be the case. Many discussions of scenarios and options followed. Should we just postpone to next year, hold it anyway and hope everything clears up by June knowing many of our guests wouldn’t attend, postpone until later in the summer not knowing if that would really be any different from June, cancel the whole thing and get married at the court house, hold it online? You name it we had talked about, and struggled with the benefits and ramifications of what each potential decision would mean.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Saratoga NY
Wedding Ceremony Tree Planting Saratoga
I loved that they planted a tree in their yard as part of the ceremony.

“Throughout all these hard talks a few points always remained constant. We love each other very much and are excited to get married. Our parents and siblings mean everything to us and need to be included. Our friends and family who love and support us will understand any decision we make.

At Home Wedding Ceremony Photo
They did it!

“Ultimately the best option for us was to hold our wedding on our original date in our front yard with just our immediate family. The full wedding will be pushed back exactly one year and will occur at our original venue, now on our first anniversary. Calling everyone who had been invited was bittersweet, but reinforced that we had made the right decision, and how ready we all are to party with everyone next year.  The intimate wedding went off perfectly, vows and ring exchanged, delicious food, plenty of drinks, all surrounded by our closest family.”

Saratoga NY Backyard Wedding Photos
Cheers to Marissa and Nathaniel!  It was lovely to photograph this celebration and I cannot wait to photograph the big wedding next year!
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