December 28, 2023

Refreshing: Why Do You Need To Update Your Branding Photos?

Create a stronger connection with your clients and increase your market share with refreshed branding photos.

Why do you need to update your Branding Photos?  In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, a strong brand presence can give you a huge competitive edge.  Did you know that according to World Economic Forum/Fleishman-Hillard, “3 out of 5 Corporate Executive Officers believe their corporate brand and reputation represent more than 40% of their company’s market capitalization?”

A strong brand presence is essential due to increased competition and increased customer expectations, as well as clients’ limited budgets and resources.  It is generally recommended that you consider a brand refresh every three to five years.

Why Do You Need To Update Your Branding Photos
Dynamic images that are not just Headshots are a great way to update your branding photos.

So How And Why Do Your Need To Update Your Branding Photos?

Refreshing your Brand should not be in the “nice to have” category of your To Do List.  But do you really need it?  As a professional Branding Photographer, I certainly think it is essential, so below are a few guidelines:

Up To Date Headshots and Branding Photos:

Believe it or not, some people have a Headshot from many, many years ago.  They have become emotionally attached to their Headshot and love it.  As a Headshot Photographer, I do understand that.  However, an old and outdated Headshot is doing you no favors and may actually harm you.  When you present yourself with an old, outdated Headshot, you are implying either you are out of touch or you just don’t care.  Neither of those perceptions will help your brand.

Updated Branding Photography
Behind the Scenes–Showcase your services with photos that depict the process.

Are You Clearly Showcasing Your Products and Services In The Best Way Possible?

People/Customers are VISUAL!  While standard, basic product shots are important–they are the bare minimum of what you should be using.  Customers who are shopping online are not just in the “Products” section of your website.  They are on Social Media.  They want to see shots of the products being used and the services being provided.  Creating and using these types of photos not only engage clients quickly, you can use them for promos and advertising across many different platforms.

Personal Branding Photo of a Contractor
Branding Photos created for your business is more authentic than Stock Photography.

Is Your Content Created Specifically For Your Business?

While Stock Photography can be an easy and inexpensive way to start out, you really should upgrade to custom photography as soon as possible when you can afford to.  See our post on Why You Shouldn’t Use Stock Photography.  It is really a no-no.  And while an inspirational quote or comical meme can be good once in a while, your custom photos will engage the right customers organically and quickly.

Is Your Content  Consistent?  Does It Tell The Right Story Of Your Brand?

As mentioned above, people are visual.  It can be subconsciously disconcerting to see poor quality cell phone photos mixed in with higher quality professional images.  It can also be very strange when subtle elements like colors are not consistent.  There can be a disconnect if your brand is formal and conservative like Financial Services and your Headshot is a snapshot of you partying on a beach.  Likewise, if you have a casual product or service, you don’t want your images to look too serious or severe.

Why Do You Need to Update Your Branding Photos?
Create consistency for your photos on all platforms with Updated Branding Photos.

Has Your Brand Evolved?

Have your Products and Services changed or evolved over the last three to five years?  Since your last professional Photoshoot?  As mentioned above, the easiest way to engage clients and create brand consistency and awareness is to have updated branding photos.  Working as a Professional Branding Photographer over many years, I have found that no business remains static.  Therefore, one of the very first things we discuss with Brand Refresh clients is how things may have changed and what you want to highlight.  You will definitely want to incorporate any new colors/logos/products/services that may have been updated over time.

If you are ready to take the leap and update your Branding Photos, I would love to chat!  You can get in touch by using our Contact Form or calling the studio directly at (518) 584-4237 today.



You share so much great information on the importance of current branding photographs for today’s professionals. Great branding portraits!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Jeanine!

Nicely done headshots to demonstrate the need for up to date photos which portray who you are and how you want to look. This is important aspect of business owners and a wise investment. Your professional headshots speak of this leap in success.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Personal Branding Photos are so important. We want to make sure we help our clients be as successful as they can!

Such great points for brands! Showing your business details helps new clients so much, and keeping up to date photos helps to share those details with new clients! Love this!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Details matter!

Great reminder that I NEED new headshots! I love the one I currently use, but it is several years old at this point.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Anytime you are in the area, stop by for a new headshot!

It’s so important to keep our brand visuals up to date, great tips and explanations.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Carla! Branding and Headshots are truly so important.

I love this explanation of why custom branding photos are so important! Thank you so much for the reminder!

Blackburn Portrait Design

You are most welcome!

As a consumer I can tell when businesses use stock photos for everything. Now stock photos may have their place but when that is all they use, it feel ingenuine. I love seeing the people I will actually be talking to and working with on websites and social media. Branding photos are a must and get that updated headshot while your there 🙂

Blackburn Portrait Design

Authenticity is more important than ever for sure–that is why custom Personal Branding images are so important for businesses!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Could not agree more! Personalized photos are more authentic and engaging for clients!

The beginning of the year is a fresh start for everyone, including businesses! Having professional headshots and branding photos are sure to elevate your entire online presence!

Blackburn Portrait Design

We could not agree more!

Blackburn Portrait Design

New Year, New You! Great time to update those all important Headshots and Branding photos.