July 16, 2019

Senior Portrait Photography Trends | Saratoga NY

Not your Mom’s Senior Portraits | Trends in Senior Portrait Photography

Today’s Senior Portraits are a far cry from what they were even several years ago.  With the advent of social media, teens have become more savvy about how they wish to present themselves.  We are all innundated with visual imagery, most of it pretty stunning.  Naturally, teens are heavily influenced by this.  So what are the current Senior Portrait Photography Trends?  Glad you asked!  Here are some ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Averill Park Senior Portraits
This was just walking around a city. We found so many cool locations all in a three or four block radius.

Urban Locations:  While a park is always nice, an urban location can offer something a little edgier.  It is even better if there is a special location with meaning;  a favorite coffee shop or bookstore, etc.

Prom Photos Saratoga NY
We can totally do something over the top. This was a fun concept shoot based on the movie Water for Elephants.

Concept Shoots:  Think fashion editorial with a theme behind it.  These are always fun and definitely stand out!  You can plan something around an event or certain props or even a fantasy theme.

Senior Portrait Model Team Saratoga NY
One of my favorite group shoots ever–Casino Royale. They all knew at least one other person before the shoot  so they were completely relaxed. Venue was Key Hall, gaming table was from Total Events and the formal wear was from Danielle’s Bridal.
Senior Portrait Model Team Blackburn Portrait Design
Another one from that shoot.
Albany NY Senior Photos
A fun fashion shoot at an airport hangar with vintage planes.

Group Shots or a Best Friends Shoot:  I love the idea of capturing memories with your friends.  Note I said “friends” and not “models.”  Not a fan of huge, forced group shoots with people who have no real connection.  The larger shoots I have done like this, the kids have already met and/or are friends prior to the shoot.

Saratoga Springs NY Senior Photos
I like the more candid and fashion posing aspect of this image.

Natural Expressions and/or Fashion Posing:  Forced, cheesy smiles are out.  Natural expressions and different angles and posing is in.  Kids want to look more like the social media influencers they see and admire.

Senior Portraits Averill Park NY
From a recent senior portrait session in Albany. This photo was featured on two national Instagram accounts!
Upsate NY High School Portraits
LOVE this image of Bella.
Saratoga NY Senior Portraits
This young lady is an artist and I wanted to show that in some of her Senior Portraits.

Winter Shoots:  Some of my Senior Portrait Clients want to add on a Winter Shoot.  This is a short session/one or two outfits with an outdoor wintery location.  I love doing these!

Glens Falls NY Winter Senior Portraits
Perfect day–sunny and not too cold! Love that this gives the client variety in their Senior Portraits.
Ballet Snow Portrait
We can even incorporate dance or a winter sport.

The Number One thing to remember, today as always, is that Teens just want to look their best.  The best way to ensure that is to hire a professional photographer for a Senior Portrait Session.  You will be so happy you did!

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