August 2, 2021

Should We Do Wedding Night Shots? | NY Photographers

Drama and Creativity

“Should we do Wedding Night Shots?” is a question I frequently get from clients when we are planning their Wedding Day Timeline.  Absolutely!

I like capturing night shots for my Brides and Grooms because not only are they dramatic and creative, we also have fun doing them!  It is also an opportunity for the couple to steal a few minutes away alone together (with me).

Here are a few of my favorite Wedding Night Shots:

State Room Albany NY Wedding Photos
We walked down the block to create this shot on the street in Albany.
Upstate NY Rainy Day Wedding Photos
It was twilight when we created this images. It was raining, so we used the covered porch at the Mansion.
Albany NY Wedding Photograpers
OK–this is indoors, but it was at 9 PM and I also had no natural light, so let’s just call it a night shot.
Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers
Love this Wedding Night Shot we photographed on the streets of Saratoga.  The spot is actually across the street from where this couple first met.
Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers
Rustic Barns make great backdrops for Wedding Night Shots.
Thirsty Owl Wedding Photo Saratoga NY
I was outside shooting in–my trusty Speedlight doing the work.
Gideon Putnam Hotel Wedding Photo Saratoga NY
I liked doing this one with the car.
Snowy Winter Evening Elopement
Nothing fancy with the lighting, but the pose is fun!  Bonus points to this Bride for the best wedding dress ever.
Independence Day Wedding Saratoga Photos
Sparklers are always fun!
Glens Falls Bride and Groom
Wedding Night Shots–what is not to love?

So now that I have convinced you to do Wedding Night Shots, what next?  First, find out what time the sun sets on your wedding day.  You want to allot time during the night to sneak outside to play for a bit.  You don’t need a ton of time, but you do need to allow for a short walk and maybe a couple different set ups.  I think 15-20 minutes is perfect because it allows us to get outside, find the spot and play a little.

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