August 9, 2021

What Do You See? | Behind the Scenes Wedding Photos

“What Do You See?”

People seem genuinely interested in what I see when I am creating wedding photos for my clients, or other portraits for that matter.  This is always funny to me I guess because I never really stop to think about it all that much.  I just do it.  My thought process is often, “I wonder what it would look like if I did….” or “Maybe it would look kind of cool if I did….”  Amost like an experiment, but that is a poor way to explain it.  So I decided I need to do a Behind the Scenes Wedding Photos Post.

So here is a Behind the Scenes wedding photo that the incomparable Garland Nelson of Soul Session sent me after yesterday’s Wedding Reception at the Mansion in Saratoga.  As you can see, Garland has managed to capture me looking my best–rolling around all over the ground.  LOL.

Wedding Photos Behind the Scenes
Yes, that is me on the ground–the black blob on the left.  I look like I fell down.  LOL.  The guests probably think I am crazy.  This is also why I do not wear a dress when I work.

Here is the final Wedding Photo:

Behind the Scenes Wedding Photos
The Bride just kicked off her shoes during the First Dance. And I really like those shoes. So, there you have it.

Here is one from Samantha and Theodore’s wedding.

Behind the Scenes
Another Stellar photo showing me in all my glory.

So the only way I could get the photo I wanted with the Building and the Sky was to be on the ground, again looking like I fell over.

Behind the Scenes Wedding Photos Albany NY
The architecture and the sky was too great to not include.

Not quite as dramatic–From a recent Senior Portrait Session in Downtown Saratoga:

Ryan’s mom took this at his Senior Session.
Best Photographers Near Me
There was a color version, but I like this Black and White.

Finally, here is a short video my friend Kenny from Kenneth Cooper Films made a few years back of me working at the Queensbury Hotel where I am not rolling around on the ground:

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