July 18, 2021

Rainy Day Wedding Photos | Upstate NY Weddings

Rainy Day Wedding Photos–Oh My!

Into each life a little rain falls.  But no Bride thinks “I want to get married on a super rainy day.”  Never.  Unfortunately, it does rain on wedding days.  Some summers in Upstate NY it rains a lot.  And this summer, it has rained ALOT.  So we have been forced to embrace the situation and create a lot of rainy day wedding photos.  In fact, early on in my career as a Wedding Photographer we had a summer where it literally rained every single weekend.  It was a wonderful learning experience.

Mansion Saratoga NY Wedding Photos
When you choose your wedding date and print the invitations, no one knows if it will rain that day or not.

My advice to all of my couples during the planning stages is to always have a Plan B.  If you have a Plan B, then rainy day wedding photos have been taken into account.  This means you have less stress and can enjoy the day.

One of my recent couples, Johanna and Dieter, had the rainy day to top all rainy days.  Luckily, we had been discussing a backup plan.  We even talked the morning of the wedding.

NYC Wedding Photographers
We talked the morning of the wedding about possible options.

Looking at the forecast, I could see we would have a short period of time with no rain that coincided with when the Bride would finish getting dressed.  Originally, the couple was not planning on seeing each other before the wedding ceremony.  But I also knew that at least a couple outdoor photos in front of the venue were important to Johanna.  Therefore, they decided to have a First Look and do a couple of quick photos in front of the historic Mansion.  We also created some photos indoors in the Music Room with strobe to capture the ambiance of the Mansion before the guests arrived.  Good thing we did because the rain after that point was truly torrential!

Here are a few wedding photos from that very rainy day:

First Look Photo Mansion Saratoga Wedding
I am glad we did a First Look because they were super cute!
Rainy Day Wedding Photos
I am glad we got to include the facade of the Mansion for at least a few wedding photos because it is pretty unique.  The first raindrops began right about now.
Rainy Day Wedding Photos
So we moved indoors to this lovely location–the Music Room. Luckily I had my trusty lights.
Rainy Day Barn Wedding Photos
Dieter had to wait in the tent before the ceremony due to the rain.
Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Can you see how hard it is raining in the background?! Again, thank goodness for my trusty lights!
Rainy Day Wedding Photos
Oh hey, it stopped raining for a second. But the ground was absolutely saturated. So I had them in the opening of the barn and I went outside. I like the lights in the barn a lot.
rustic Barn Upstate NY Wedding Photo
Same location, slightly different perspective and lighting.
Riany Day Wedding Photos Upstate NY
There was also a very nice window in the barn that we used.
Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers
When planning an outdoor wedding, at least have a tent, preferrably with the option of walls. Everyone at this reception had a great time because they were warm and dry.
Upstate NY Wedding
At this point, no one cared about the rain. LOL.
Upstate NY Rainy Day Wedding Photos
We used the covered side porch for a few images during the reception.
Saratoga Mansion Wedding Photos
Same location, completely different lighting. Love those lights.

So you see, we not only made it work–we made it fabulous.  You can check out more of Johanna and Dieter’s Mansion Wedding in this slide show:

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These rainy day wedding photos show a pure and authentic joy and excitement of the day in a way that outshines even the sun! Beautiful photography!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you for your kind words! I never mind photographing weddings on a rainy day as long as I have my trusty Canon gear!

Susan, these wedding photos area absolutely breathtaking!! I love that you help couples think ahead and prepare for rain or inclement weather during their wedding day. So sjarrt!!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks for your kind words Michelle! I feel that it is so important to work with all of my wedding photography clients when they are planning their wedding not just on a basic Timeline, but also on managing their goals and expectations so we can create the most amazing images possible of their special day. Part of that is discussing a lot of “what ifs.”