April 20, 2022

Sophisticated State Room Wedding Photos | Albany NY

Sophisticated State Room Wedding Photos | Emily + Patrick

This past Summer was a return to Ballroom Weddings after the nonsense of Covid.  This was especially evident in Emily and Patrick’s Sophisticated State Room Wedding Photos.  They originally planned a wedding, but had to postpone–so the party was amazing!  This wedding was also featured in Saratoga Bride in the latest issue, so be sure to check that out.

I love working at The State Room for many reasons.  The State Room is a Wedding Venue that was a Bank in it’s previous incarnation.  It has been renovated into a Ballroom style venue.  Add to that the Proprietor, Tom, has been in the hospitality industry for years and is very accommodating.  He even has a fleet of vintage cars for couples to use!  Finally, the venue is within walking distance of some fabulous Albany landmarks in the Capitol.  So needless to say, State Room Wedding Photos are usually pretty amazing.

State Room Wedding Photos Slide Show:

Here is a short slide show of Emily and Patrick’s Wedding with a collection of my favorite images.

Some Of My Favorite Wedding Photos From The State Room

A few of my personal favorites include:

Albany NY Detail WEdding photo
A killer shot of rings is always nice to include. I like how well the shoes matched the rings, so I wanted to showcase that.
NY Wedding Photographers
Emily’s Mom helped her get dressed in her Wedding Gown by Mikaella from Angela’s Bridal.
Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers
My Second Photographer Jim captured this awesome shot of the Groom and his Party getting ready in the Vault at the State Room.
NYS Capitol Wedding Photos
Emily descending staircase at the back of the State Room. I knew when shooting this I wanted it to be black and white.
Albany Wedding bouquet detail
The bouquet by Flowers by Pesha was exquisite.
Albany NY Wedding Photos
How pretty were these Bridesmaids gowns?
Albany Capitol Wedding Photos
The Groom and his Party looked just as great.
Saratoga Wedding Photographers
Emily had a First Look with her Dad.
Albany NY State Room Wedding Photo
The State Room has all kinds of cool places for photos. I lit this dramatically because the venue just called for it.
Best Wedding Photographers Albany NY
I feel like sometimes the Groom and his details get a little ignored. Here is a detail of Patrick’s jewelry–which have sentimental meaning.
Albany State Room Wedding Photos
The Bride and Groom literally tied the knot with Reverend Joy Burke officiating.
State Room Albany NY Wedding Photo
The Kiss is one of those photos you don’t ever want to miss at a wedding.
Albany Capitol Building Photos
Tom has the coolest vintage cars for his couples–this one is a Buick Opera Coupe.
Albany NY State Plaza Wedding Photos
Some fun with the Bridal Party–the State Plaza has some wonderful architecture for backdrops.
State Capitol Albany NY Wedding Photos
Love this area for wedding photos. Very romantic.
State Room Albany NY Wedding Photos
The State Room in Albany is so close to so many wonderful buildings for photos.
Albany Ballroom Wedding Photos
Who doesn’t like a fun entrance to the Reception?  Their intro song was “Paper Chains” by Taylor Swift.
State Room Albany NY Wedding Photos
I just had to figure out a way to get both the table arrangement and the lovely chandelier in a photo with the Bride and Groom.
State Room Wedding Photos
I love the shadow of Emily and Patrick kissing in the background.
State Room Wedding Photos Albany NY
We were sneaky and went outside to do some night photos down the street at the corner with a street sign.

A Little Wedding Planning Advice From Our Bride Emily:

“After the Ceremony but before you join the reception, find a moment for just the two of you to soak in the moment.  The State Room had set up a room with Champagne and food for us to catch our breath.  The time was special to us.”

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