December 5, 2019

Taking Better Family Photos | Saratoga NY Family Photographer

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year–also the Most Stressful.  And is there anything more stressful than attempting to take better family photos for the holiday cards or holiday gifts?

Better Family Photos Saratoga NY
Love this grouping! Posing and wardrobe is totally on point!

Many people have a ritual of doing their own family photos for the holidays.  With small children this can be especially tiresome.  Here are a few of my own personal tips to taking better family photos:

Timing is Everything:  With little people who need naps, timing is critical.  Make sure everyone is well rested, fed and in a good mood.  And if the kids are sick–reschedule!  Sick kids are unhappy kids!

Be Prepared:  Make sure you have all the clothing, props, etc. ready ahead of time.  Nothing is worse than having to stop to find a misplaced item.  And while you are hunting for it, everyone scatters.

Be Flexible and Keep Your Sense of Humor:  Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.  Some of my favorite pictures of my own kids were actually the outtakes.  They are priceless.

Family Lifestyle Photography Saratoga
Sidney is so happy!

Avoid the Word “Cheese”:  A fake cheesy grin is never a great look.  I take serious over cheese any day.

Better Family Photos Saratoga
Love, love, love a contemplative expression!

Hire a Professional:  Why not relax and let a professional take your photos?  You may be surprised how quickly and efficiently a Professional Photographer can get some great images.

Holiday Photos Saratoga NY
Here is a photo of one of my kids!

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