March 27, 2021

The Senior Photos You Need | Senior Portraits Saratoga NY

Will You Get the Senior Photos You Need?

Senior Year is kind of a big deal. It marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. That is why I truly think Senior Portraits are also a big deal.  But will you end up with the Senior Photos you need?

Now in my day, Senior Portraits consisted of going to the school for a literally five minute appointment where you wore a drape and sat on a stool in front of a backdrop. You ended up with maybe ten poses to choose from.  I think this might be the reason I do what I do.  While I do appreciate the need for a classic look for the yearbook and possibly one for posterity, I know that I can take Senior Portraits that depict much more for my clients.

So without further ado, here are a few photos I think Seniors should have:

A Few Full Length Shots:

Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
A great full length photo. I love this one of Gianna–and so did the Print Competition Judges.
Senior Pictures Saratoga NY
Full length for the boys too–love this suit!

Three Quarters View:

Best Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
Three quarters view–perfect for a desk portrait. I love a good Fall Session with beautiful foliage.

Horizontal Images:

Glens Falls NY Senior Portraits
Horizontal (Landscape) orientation for variety.
High School Senior Portrait Photography Glens Falls NY
Another horizontal because I love the leading lines.

Maybe a Few Black and White:

Saratoga NY High School Senior Portrait Photography
Black and White is classic and this one was just so fun. Hollywood lighting for the win!

A Fun Location:

Destination Senior Portrait Photography
Do you have a favorite location? We can accomodate that.
Fire Island Senior Portrait Photographers
Why not bring your boyfriend?

Your School Could Be a Great Location:

High School Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
A Varsity jacket is a nice way to include your sport.

Something To Include Your Sport or Activity:

Albany High School Senior Portrait Photographers
Or something with your uniform.
Ballet Snow Portrait
We love doing dance photos!

A Short Winter Session Is A Nice Add On:

Winter Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
A winter shoot is always a popular option.  Halle is so cute!
Clifton Park NY Senior Portrait Photography
This was just a fun idea because Aiden loves playing chess.

Prom Dresses–So Pretty!

High School Senior Photos Prom
Do you love your Prom dress? So do we!

Cap and Gown:

Saratoga NY Cap and Gown Senior Portrait Photo
A few Cap and Gown Photos are nice to have.

Your Own Artwork:

Schuylerville High School Senior Portrait Photographers
Are you an Artist? Let’s incorporate your art.
Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
Something different and beautiful–not your typical Senior Portrait.

Action Shots:

High School Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
Action Photos are always fun.

Some Schools Require a Traditional Formal Shot For Yearbook:

Traditional Senior Portrait
And…a traditional yearbook photo is required for some schools in our area. We have everything here to do it quickly and efficiently.

So now that you have all these photos, what do you do with them?

We happen to have a wide range of beautiful products for you–everything from Wall Portraits, Image Boxes, Albums, and Gift Prints.  Feel free to make an appointment to see what we have here!  To make an appointment, please use our Contact Form or call us at (518) 584-4237.

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