February 18, 2014

Thinking Outside the Box | Fashion Photography Shoot at Key Hall | Saratoga Photographer

Prom Fashion Shoot At Key Hall Proctor’s

This week I did something challenging for me that made me go out of my personal comfort zone and think outside of the box. I did a fashion photography styled shoot at Key Hall at Proctors with some great models and prom dresses and tuxedos.

Prom Fashion Photography Saratoga Photographer
The vault at Key Hall was wonderful to capture the mood I wanted for this shoot.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know I love old movies, the photography of George Hurrell, fashion in general and photography. I had gotten an idea in my head that I wanted to do a themed shoot that was reminiscent of the James Bond movies from the 1960s. Everyone in that era seemed to have such style. Therefore, we needed a vault, gambling tables, great models and some stunning dresses and formal attire. Since I did not have any of those items, I need to send out a big thank you to Key Hall at Proctors, Danielle’s Bridal for all the clothing, Total Events in Clifton Park for the fun toys, Lipstick N Lashes for styling, and my amazing young models.

Saratoga Photographer Prom Fashion Shoot 06
This look by Lipstick N Lashes was perfect!
Saratoga Photographer 12
The red dress matched the red in the wheel perfectly!

One of the things that I needed to work on with this is thinking more like a fashion photographer as opposed to a more portrait style photographer. The lighting for high fashion is a little more harsh and contrasty. To me that means when you look at fashion photography it has more of an edgy look because the shadows are more defined. When I am shooting either wedding photography or portrait photography, I try to keep my shadow/highlight ratio low. I think it looks softer. For fashion you can be more daring. I even used a split lighting pattern for some of the images, which I would tend to stay away from with women in pure portrait work.

Saratoga Photographer 14
I am in love with the way the sequins look on this dress. I think if I had used more than one light, it would not have looked so dramatic.
Saratoga Photographer 03
This is the same guy, in the same pose basically. But converting the image to black and white made it look more film like to me.
Saratoga Photographer 10
This reminds me of Casino Royale–Monte Carlo.

Saratoga Photographer 16

Saratoga Photographer 08

Saratoga Photographer 13
Did something slightly different with lighting here. Can you tell what it was?

Vendor Friends who helped out:

Key Hall at Proctors

Danielles Bridal, Rte 50 Saratoga

Lipstick N Lashes

Total Events, Clifton Park

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