December 8, 2022

Unfiltered | What Is Your Photography Style?

What is your Photography Style?

When people are interviewing potential Wedding Photographers for their event, many Bridal Publications provide a list of questions.  What is your Photography Style is usually on that list.  Here is my unfiltered answer.

I really dislike this question.  Actually, I hate it.  My gut level response to this question (which I never state out loud to a couple) is “Did you look at my website?”  Any Wedding Photographer who has been in business for more than five minutes has an online portfolio.  It should be pretty evident what their “style” or lack thereof is.  There are many Wedding Photographers out there, with a very wide range of “styles.”

Ask your self some questions:

I think a better question would be to ask yourself, what about these Wedding Photos motivates me to contact this photographer?  I think you need to think about what YOUR style is.  Do you feel a connection to the people in the Wedding Photography Portfolio?  Do you feel any emotion when viewing the photos?  Can you see yourselves in the Photographer’s pictures?   Do the photos you are looking at tell a story?  If the answer is yes to these questions, it is a pretty good indication that your style matches the Photographer’s style.

How do you want to remember your Wedding Day?

You should also be asking yourself how you want to remember your Wedding Day.  Do you want to spend a lot of time posing for Wedding Photos?  Or do you want to do the bare minimum?  Do you like the look of formal or informal photos?  These are elements of style that again will be pretty evident in a Professional Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio.

Interpersonal Style and Professionalism

One component of Wedding Photography that often is overlooked is Professionalism.  I am not talking about the Photography here at all.  I am talking about how professionally the Photographer behaves before, during and after the Wedding Day.   Do they respond in a timely manner, do they communicate clearly, and how is their follow up?  Too often people book a Wedding Photographer only to be disappointed in some pretty basic business skills.  A huge part of any business is communicating and managing expectations.  If your Wedding Photographer cannot be bothered to answer your email or text in a timely manner–that is a Style as well.

I hope this gives you something to think about when interviewing Wedding Photographers beyond the questions in the Bridal Publications.  For more information on hiring a Wedding Photographer you might also like to read Hiring a Wedding Photographer.  While you are at it, take a look at our Wedding Photography Portfolio to see if our style compliments yours.  After you have done that, use our Contact Form or call us at (518) 584-4237 to discuss your Wedding and how we can best photograph it for you.



This is a helpful blog for wedding photography plans. It’s important to think about what you envision your photos will look like and to contact wedding photographers whose style resonates with your own style. Beautiful wedding photos Susan!

I love how you spelled out all the different Photography styles! It really helps people see what they like in terms of wording and knowing what to search for!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Brianna! There is so much confusion on how to choose a Wedding Photographer.

Wonderful way to respond to this question. Knowing your photography style should be pretty evident by the time they contact you, for sure!

Blackburn Portrait Design

I also feel like style can be hard to quantify or describe in just a few words. It can be more of a feeling or connection.

This is such a great way to frame this question. Most potential clients don’t necessarily know the difference in “styles”. Just think about how these images make you feel!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Style is so personal, and many engaged couples don’t take into account their own style, relying instead on Pinterest. Pinterest can be a great starting point, but many times their boards become just a giant mish mash of different ideas.

Great information! Many couples are so overwhelmed with planning they don’t know where to start or how to find vendors to fit them. These are great tips for finding a wedding photographer to fit THEM!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Agree–Wedding Planning is overwhelming and there are so many choices for each category.

This is such important information when you’re trying to find a wedding photographer! The FIRST thing the couple needs to do is look through the photographer’s website or portfolio and answer those exact questions. If they answer no or don’t love that style, it’s better to hire a photographer you love than try to have the photographer change their style. Such a great article, Susan!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Micelle! As a Wedding Photographer, I feel the most important thing for engaged couples is to find a great photographer to capture their day!